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zainas school house

school house

cheryl manley

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of zainas school house

Pioneer School House
This is what I know about pioneer schools.
There is a different entrance doors for boys and girls.
There was only one teacher for every grade 1-8.
All the grades are in one class .They sat in rows in which grade they belong in. Female teachers were not allowed to be married because
they lived with their students for a day or more. The teacher gave punishments for many reasons
like If students were not behaving. In the morning (7:00) the school bell rang. Every student should be at school at this time. The school bell tells the students
it's time for school. Introduction Pioneer children did not have
education like today . Pioneer children used limestone(Saob stone) chalk to write on slates(chalkboard). So that's what I know about the Pioneer School House The School was made out of wood. Limestone chalk Slate By Zaina Syeda Glossary limestone chalk = a type of rock slate = chalkboard that pioneer used Limestone Chalk Slate this is one of
first school before the pioneer
schools were built
a women that was
educated taught pioneer
children.It was called dame school IF YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS I `LL BE HAPPY TO ANSER YOU good bye inside of the school house
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