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Digital Channels in Marketing

No description

Sara Balafrej

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Digital Channels in Marketing

Digital Channels in Marketing
How is Digital Marketing Different?
Community Manager
Development Manager
Digital Marketing involves the use of channels that enable an organisation to analyse their marketing campaigns, understand what is working and what isn’t in real time and they can then adapt very quickly to improve their results
Why is it important?
1. Consumers have access to information -> any place, any time.
2. Consumers are now exposed - not just to what your company says about your brand - but what the media, friends, relatives, peers, etc., are saying as well. And they are more likely to believe them than you.
3. Buyers want brands that they are able to trust, companies they know, personalised relevant, communications and offers tailored to their individual needs and preferences.
Good customer relationships
across all channels
Relevant customer
Extract value from BIG Data to make better decisions
Inside the mind of a community manager
Watches over threads, customers and ideas whilst tending diligently to them
Announces new features and cheers the accomplishments of customers and the company.
Routes requests to the right people within the organisation.
Sculpts the noisiness of the company into actionable data that benefits the customers and the company.
Personal Concierge - one
on one attention with issues wanting to be resolved .
Keeps track of Twitter,
Facebook and other platforms
to sense to sense disturbance
in the company-customer
Master of social networks,
webcasts, forums and all
existing and emerging
Missguided Example
After my parcel being delivered to the wrong address, I took to social media to truly test the
role of a community manager.
Monitor market trends and oversees advertising and marketing activities to ensure the right message is delivered for their product or service
Flexibilty is necessary as travel is very often required
Degrees aren't always necessary, training can be done on the job and marketing qualifications can be obtained through specifically designed courses
What is Digital Marketing?
It's simple!
Digital marketing is any type of marketing that takes advantage of the electronic devices available:
Computers, tablets, smart phones, digital billboards and game consoles etc.
Enabling them to communicate with the
There are a vast number of digital marketing channels!
Within the last 10 years, thanks to the advancement of internet and computing, career opportunities in digital marketing have grown significantly
It has been quoted by the LSE (London School of Economics) that the digital sector is recession-proof
Ben & Jerry's
Contacting Ben & Jerry's Design and Digital Creation Manager (Europe) to ask about her role and the impact of digital marketing. This is her e-mail response.
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TECHCHRUNCH (2013), http.www.techcrunch.com [Accessed: 5th January 2014]
A Quick Video!
Analytics Manager
CRM and Email Marketing Manager
Digital Agency Account Manager and Sales Director
E-commerce Manager
Digital Marketing Manager and Web Manager
PPC Search Manager
Social Media Manager
Online Community Manager
Web Developer
Web Designer
Career Opportunity Examples

Peppersmith Example
[Facebook]. 22nd December. Available from: https://www.facebook.com/Missguidedcouk?fref=ts (Accessed 02/01/2014).
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COTTON, B (2012). 10 Attributes of a fantastic community manager.
Social web thing.
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Missguided (2013)
Peppersmith (2013)
Cotton, B (2012)
Customer Relationship Management
a business philosophy and set of strategies, programs, and systems that focuses on identifying and building loyalty with a retailer’s most valued customers
Investing in your customers will make them feel ike they are appreciated by the company
Building a relationship with the customer will boost sales - statistic show by up to 29%
Companies will gather personal information from their customers
The aim is to create a strong and loyal customer structure, increasing its market share in the process
Loyalty achieved by aiming personalised promotions to their best customers
Media Manager
Engagement with consumers
Meet customers needs and wants
Increase brand awareness
Strategic vision
Personality: creative,
resourceful, adventurous
Presentation ability
Analytical mind
Behavioural e-mail marketing - we can see what people are most interested in and target products/services accordingly through e-mail promotions
As the markets get more saturated, more big data will allow us to use segmentation more effectively in the digital industry
Segment moments - what is in demand at that moment
Have a specific layout to the webpage - Louis Vuitton men go to one area of the web page, women to the other... very different structure
Digital marketing must act upon all areas of segmentation, including:
Geographical Segmentation
Demographic Segmentation
Personality Segmentation
When using digital marketing, especially social media, you are accessible to view by people globally...this can effect your strategy
Advertising campaigns need to be used appropriately...the correct web page for the chosen target market
Examples of social media marketing
Salaries range from £19,500 to £29,500 for a junior brand manager, up to £50,000 or more for a senior brand manager
Brand managers are concerned with creating a lasting impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share
It is important to:
• be interested in what competitors are doing
• enjoy working in a busy, deadline-driven, creative
• enjoy working in product management
Brand Development Manager - LinkedIn Example
Digital Marketing and market research
Marketing research- gathering information (e.g. market trends, customer behaviours.) – Improve digital marketing efficiency

i.e. Mobile market research surveys, usage analysis

social posts
Social media research discover more useful information/analyze emotion/ uncover trends

Improving search engine rankings
successfully show the video interaction and engagement with customers

Apple face-time: illustrates technology new revolution, inspired customers
Social Media HQ (2011). Social Media Managers 10 Required Skills [Online] Available from: http://www.socialmediahq.com/pdf/Social-Media-Managers-10-Required-Skills.pdf [Accessed: 01/01/2014].
Top Jobs in Digital Marketing
FORBES (2013), Aileron (Forbes Contributor), http://www.forbes.com/sites/aileron/2013/05/01/why-your-small-business-needs-crm/ [Accessed: 6th January 2014]
Starbucks ask you to join their card holders group in order to access promotions and deal - they show their appreciation for their customers by giving them free coffee on their birthday!
Send their members a free product on their birthday or when they've spent a certain amount to show their thanks
KRASONIKOLAKIS, L. (2013), Customer Engagement and CRM, lecture notes distributed in the unit MANG1003 Introduction to Management at The University of Southampton, Southampton, November, 2013.
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Which digital marketing options best fit my small business?
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5 Top Digital Marketing Challenges and
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Digital marketing or social media
communications and media
Marketing and PR
Business Studies
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