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How to Survive Middle School

No description

Nic Tria

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of How to Survive Middle School

How to Survive Middle School

Your first month of school
With your new teachers and mentors, you must be able to know how they teach and how they operate. You can ask older siblings or friends about how your teachers were in the past and how you can reflect on them now.
Keeping those "A's"
Everybody wants to keep their A's that they receive at the beginning of each semester. Doing this is actually much easier and only requires only a small amount of discipline and self-esteem.
Inevitably, you will be pared up with people in your classes to work on a project that counts for more than half of your grade. Sometimes, you will take lead. Other times, you will have an obnoxious peer who will lead your party to victory. There's all kinds of group members. How to deal with them, that's a story yet to be told.
Hopefully this information is just a reminder about what you need to do in school to stay on top of your work and grades. Inspire others about this lesson and perhaps everybody you told will be able to bounce back into their educational needs, especially you if you're struggling just a bit. I hope you have a good rest of the eighth grade!
To start off well with your teachers, you must act as a good student. Always be attentive and listen to what the teacher says. Inevitably, the teacher will call on you to answer a certain question. Get this question right and the teacher will remember you by it. If you maintain a solid A in the class, you will be recognized as one of their top students, therefor increasing your chances of getting in AP classes or honors. If you have a good relationship with your teacher, she may be a little easier on you in class. As you can see, being a good student is a beneficial factor.
Always stay prepared and organized.
Challenges and opportunities
Keeping an A is harder for some. If you are one of those people, I have good news. Don't think it's over, and that your idea of having all A's is never going to happen, because it will. Identify your problem, find out why you can't keep up those grades. After you've found the problem, try your best to come up with a plan to create a solution. This is much easier said than done, but if you put some effort into it, I promise you'll pull through. If you spend too much time on the computer rather than studying, try to lessen your computer habits little by little each and everyday. If you keep forgetting that essay paper on your desk, try and pack it right after you're done. This will save you a lot of time and perhaps save you from future stress and scolding from your elders. Remember, plans can always help. Stay organized and be attentive.
If you are organized and on top of your work, but are still not seeing high percentage grades. There is a solution to it. Ask your parents or teachers for help. Your teachers are there for a reason. They're not there so you can feel threatened when you do bad or fail. They're there to help you and support you in your education. If you have any local tutors, you can interrogate them about your education. They can help you blast away those problems and patch up your wounds with plans and solutions. Your teacher knows who you are, they see your work and behavior in class everyday. Your teachers will be able to evaluate your problems and help with ease.
Why you should work with effort
Some of you may not see much in your own success. Some people are completely dedicated to their education. Being triumphant in school is important and very valuable. Perhaps more valuable then you think. You need education and skills to be able to live your life without stress and problems. Everyone has heard of college, and everyone's parents want them to go there. Some people question this, "Why should I work hard? Why should I even want to go to college? School is boring and too hard." We've all heard or said this at one point in our life. Education is important because it sets your future. Transitioning from school life to the real world can be hard. Skills from school will help you. Good habits and discipline are key factors to surviving. Getting a job to support your family, providing money for supplies, food and shelter. After all, school is important, even though at times it can really be a drag. Learning is always more important than you think it is.
At times, you will encounter helpful teammates that easily mesh and co-operate with the group. They consistently show considerable and recognizable work. People that pose as a beneficial factor to your success within the project are recognizable as friends and future co-workers. Try your best to stay in touch with these people for they may be able to help again.
Perhaps some of you have experienced that one person who just refuses to do anything in the group. Either they don't know how to complete anything on the certain project or they slack off during work time. What you need to do is consult them with why they aren't working. Try to persuade them or talk them into a certain part of the work so they can
contribute. Always help other team
members and never leave
one another behind.
How problems can be resolved
Ever feel like you have time to complete a certain assignment with a long due date? Try not to leave it at rest until a week or day is left. Many people will wait until it's the last minute to do something. Try to work on the project little by little each day, or just get the whole thing done and feel good!
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
How to start your first month
How to get a good relationship with your teacher.
On your first month of school, you may see some unfamiliar faces. Get to know more people and make some new friends. Perhaps someday they can help you out and you can do the same. If you forgot to print out a paper, perhaps one of your friends can notify you before its too late. Being orderly and sophisticated can greatly increase your reputation. The more your teachers like you, the easier they'll be on you. Unfortunately, sometimes, they'll also expect more of you. When the teacher asks for a volunteer, try not to make eye contact.

To stay up to date and organized, always keep your supplies in check. Always take two pencils and an eraser with you everyday. Never leave any notebooks or workbooks on your at home. Pack it in your backpack immediately after you're done. Sometimes, every one of us can be a little forgetful. To be sure that you have what you need, always double check your backpack before you go to sleep and before you go to school in the morning. This will significantly increase your productivity and decrease you paranoia about forgetting your last assignment.
It's never too late
Helpful Peers
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