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Prezi: Social Media & Personal Branding

by: Margarita Brighton, Aaryon Gaeeni, and Afeworki Gebrekerestos

Afeworki Gebrekerestos

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Prezi: Social Media & Personal Branding

Social Media & Personal Branding: Make it a benefit rather than a Liability Without monitoring your online etiquette (netiquette). You can be limiting yourself to job opportunity. If you adopt an attitude on a post, remember it's there forever. Even if a site stops running, you can still view cached copies on Google years later. So use Social Media efficiently when Personal branding and make sure your careful in the process. Tips for Maintaining a Professional
Online Identity: What is Netiquette? Keep it Professional DON'T Social Media Detriments of Social Media Conclusion Social Media has become a recent phenomenon across the globe; with companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. Now more than ever we are able to connect with friends, family, and colleagues effortlessly without even leaving your desktop. By: Margarita Brighton, Aaryon Gaeeni and Afeworki Gebrekerestos Social Media has created ways of Personal Branding like never before. We will cover how to take advantage of this tool while also being aware of detriments involved. Social sites have provided tremendous opportunities for individuals to brand themselves outside of their personal communities. Let's look at 3 examples of different ways you can market yourself online through personal branding. Facebook is an online social networking service, originated from Ivy league students face books that are given to them at the beginning of a college year to familiarize themselves with one another. It allows users to create a personal profile and interact with one another, sharing photos, ideas, videos, etc. ... similar to Facebook; Linkedin is a social networking website created for people in professional occupations and looking to create professional networks with others. Linkedin provides users with job postings, employment history, skills and application knowledge. Lavalife is an online social networking site made for adults. It allows users to create a profile and connect with other users that are looking for relationships, ranging from casual to serious. This website has created a central hub where people looking for “love” can come and represent themselves online. Lavalife Facebook Linkedin Personal Branding

In business and personal context, people are going to look for you online as soon as they meet you. Even if you don’t build your own personal brand, there will be traces of you online, and they may not show your best qualities. Brand the person you want people to see!

How you ask! Why do you need a personal brand? Using Social Media for
Personal Branding Now... to Create! Although social media is a very effective way of personal branding; it can also be very detrimental when it is not used the right way. Do's and Don'ts
of Social Media DO'S No multi-posting to various sites
Off topic posting
Attacking people on posts
Avoiding spam and hijacking posts
Behaving in a professional manner online
Spell Check, No ALL CAPS
Be yourself and tell the truth
Do not send emails at night (it puts into question your liability as you seem more carefree). Never post anything you wouldn't want an employer to see
Never complain about a company, it destroys future jobs you could have had with that company.
Never share your password. People can destroy your online image and personal information.
Control your image branding and monitor your reputation.
If you are in desperate need of a personal life online that doesn't want to be monitored, make an alias and be wary of any images you share regardless. MORE TIPS Now go get em! Do build your network in advance - Build a network with people before you may need them. This allows for you to grow your relationship and if the time comes when you may need them, you've already broken the ice. making communication easier. Join Linkedin and Facebook groups. Attend events. etc.

Do Give to Get - The more you help others the more they will be willing to help you. The success of social networking relies heavily on how others see you and if they are will to promote your brand. If people don't like you, they wont promote you. plain and simple Don't Connect with Everyone! - remember quality is better than quantity when it comes to social networking. Make sure your connections can help you, make your connections people that you can learn from and better yourself with.

Don't Forget your privacy settings - many social media websites have settings that one can adjust to suit their preferences. don't forget to check your Facebook settings and know who can see your info. You wouldn't want a total stranger looking at your family photos, so why would you let them search your Facebook page? Complete your Profiles: Nothing says unreliable like an incomplete online profile. Keep it current, error-free, and relevant
Stay connected: Make sure you profiles are accessible (especially for professional profiles)
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