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Basic 6 - Unit 4B

No description

Ginés Abanto

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of Basic 6 - Unit 4B

Unit 4B - On Vacation
You are going on vacation next month.
What do you have to do before you travel?
If you find something, when is it OK to keep it?
What are some common things people lose?
Work in groups
Answer the questions about the reading
Before I travel, I have to ________________.
How often do you go on vacation?
Where do you like to go to?
I usually go on vacation in the summer; in January or February. I like to relax on vacation, so I go to the beach in the North of Peru.
What is the man doing?
Where do people usually lose things?
1. How much money was in the envelope?
5. What happened to the envelope with money?
4. For how many days are lost items kept?
3. How many umbrellas does the center have?
2. Where does Trish Martino work?
There were ____________________.
She works in ___________________.
The center has __________________.
Lost items are kept for ____________.
20 soles
an MP3 player
a wallet with an ID and credit cards inside
2000 dollars
a cell phone
I think is OK to keep ______, because ________.
I don't think is OK to keep _____, because ________.
Belong to
It belongs to
Belong to
It belongs to
Make sentences using possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns and belong to
man / tablet
girl / cat
baby / toy
woman / bicycle
students / class
What is something you usually lose? Where do you lose it? When you find something, do you think it's OK to keep it? Why or why not?
I usually lose
cellphones. I really hate when it happens. Cellphones can be expensive
, so
I always try to buy cheap models. I often forget them in a restaurant
a bar. I lost
last cellphone in a taxi.

If a person finds something valuable on the street or a public place, I think it's not OK to keep it.
It doesn't belong to you
. It's probably difficult
it's the right thing to do. For example, if someone finds my cellphone they have to return it. It's
and I have important things on it!
and I are compatible because we both
and we also
and I are NOT compatible because I
but he/she
Besides, he/she
while I
and I are compatible because we both
usually take 2 suitcases when we travel
and we also
like to take a lot of pictures.
and I are NOT compatible because I
usually take 2 suitcases
but she
takes 1.
Besides, she
likes to take a lot of pictures
while I
don't take many photos.
a hair clip
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