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Candy Waterfall

No description

jiffy forbis

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Candy Waterfall

The purpose of this experiment is to see which of the following objects, pasta, smarties, skittles, nuts, marina/ playground sand,or rice, has a better flow rate time.
The Experiment
1. We cut a hole on top(big enough for the funnel to fit) of the Cardboard house and holes on the side as viewing holes. Make sure the place is sturdy and easy to clean
2. Prepare a data table so your able to write ur data down
3.record the characteristics of the materials you will be using (rice, sand, smarties, ect....)
4. Use the scale to measure the amount of material you want.( it must be at least 250 grams)
5. Plug the bottom of the funnel with your hand or a piece of cardboard.
6. Then Pour the type of material in the funnel making sure your hand has the funnel completely covered so that nothing falls out.
Cardboard Box(medium size)
Plastic funnel with 1 1/2 inch opening
Kitchen scale that weighs in grams
Cup for scooping
Medium Mixing bowl
Stop watch (used iphone)
Metric ruler
Lab notebook
There should be a more accurate way of taking time.
You should have a plastic funnel

Independent Variables: Type of granular material
Dependent Variables: Time, speed of material flowing, moss of granular material
Controlled Variables: Amount of granular material, size of funnel
Graphs 1
Graph 1
Graph 3
Graph 2
Video of our Experiment
7. Get your stop watch ready and count"1, 2, 3, GO". When you say go remove your hand from the funnel and press go on your stop watch at the exact same time. Make sure to stop on time and record it.
8. Repeat4-7 and do at least two more trials of the same material, this will help insure your results are accurate.
9. Repeat numbers 4-8 with all of the different materials and record your results on a graph. ( your characteristics will be the same every time)
10. Graph the results after all the trials are done on a bar graph
11. Next determine the mass flow rate which is Mass flow rate= Mass/time
12. Then see which material flowed faster.
13. Now see if your hypothesis is correct.

Procedure Cont...
Problems with the Experiment
Candy Waterfall
By: Jillian Forbis & Gracie Ball
Make it your own
Try it with more funnels that are different sizes.
Try different brands of the same material
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