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Information Session - B.S. in COMHE

This is for undergraduate students interested in the Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health at Hunter College.

Jessie Daniels

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Information Session - B.S. in COMHE

Pre-requisites Apply to the Major What do people do with this degree? How do I get in to the Major? Apply to CUNY Admissions 3.0 GPA, 60 credits, including these courses:
ENG 120 (Composition)
STAT 113 (Statistics)
PYSCH 100 (General)
PYSCH 150 or 210 (Developmental)
SOC 101 + SOC 301
ANTHC 101 + ANTHC 200 or 300-level
CHEM 100 & 101 (General w/ Lab) Thinking of majoring in Community Health? What is Community Health? What's it like once I'm in the Major? Courses Fieldwork ePortfolio Anything else I should know? Who do I contact if I have more questions? We're moving to East Harlem. Brookdale Campus, 425 E. 25th Street East Harlem Campus, 3rd Ave. and 119th Street Zoe Meleo-Erwin Get to know
other students in your cohort Organize Health Fairs Create Healthy Options Encourage Physical Activity Build Housing & Sanitation Create media that promotes health. 2-year, 48 credits Summer, 200 hours &
COMHE 412 Practicum 60 credits, 3.0 GPA PhD Candidate & Adj. Asst. Prof. Email: ZMeleo-Erwin@gc.cuny.edu Pedro Mateau-Gelabert Director, COMHE BS Program Email: pm64@hunter.cuny.edu Fall, Year 1 Spring, Year 1 Fall, Year 2 Spring, Year 2 NFS 141 Introduction to Nutrition
COMHE 301 Introduction to Community & Public Health
COMHE 302 Principles of Health Promotion
COMHE 303 Social Structure and Health COMHE 304 Introduction to Health Communication Theory & Practice
COMHE 306 Social Disparities in Health
COMHE 325 Environmental Health
COMHE 411 Seminar in Community Health Assessment COMHE 328 Public Health Biology
COMHE 330 Principles of Epidemiology
COMHE 405 Health Care Systems & Health Policy
Elective (3 credit hours) NFS 131 or any upper division COMHE, SOC or ANTHC COMHE 413 Research Symposium
COMHE 408 New Media and Health
Elective (3 credit hours) NFS 131 or any upper division COMHE, SOC or ANTHC Engage with professionals
working in community health
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