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The Sinulog Festival is a fusion and expression of Cebu’s fa

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Mary Gwen Marinog

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of The Sinulog Festival is a fusion and expression of Cebu’s fa

Every Sinulog we always banner our name as one of the sponsors during the festivity and as we headed to our venue where we are going to benchmark for the flyering and giving of the free magazines and newspapers. A clashed of people joining,enjoying and savour the Sinulog Festival. The office staffs(Rose Dongallo(right),Jelly-Ann Alcontin(middle) and Mary Gwen Marinog(left) made themselves busy while arranging the magazines and newspapers ready for the wave of people come over.
The Sinulog Festival goers enjoy taking pictures of the Manila Bulletin-Cebu Branch office.
During the distribution of the the magazines and newspapers was really enthusiastic and overwhelming over the crowd of people who come over and passed by.
Doc. i. Headed to Sinulog Venue and Arrangement of Magazines and Newspapers
Doc. ii. The Distribution
Doc.iii. The Sinulog Banner
P 18.00
Sunday, January 17,2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Sinulog Festival is a fusion and expression of Cebu’s faith and culture. Beyond being a dance in prayer, historians claim that Sinulog bridges the country’s pagan past with its Christian present. The Sinulog is traditionally held for nine days in January in Cebu City and culminates on the third Sunday of that month, which this year falls on January 17, the Feast of the Santo Niño.
"It's going to be one, if not the best. You will be amazed with the productions, you will be amazed by the costumes, you will be amazed by the music. You can choose from among the activities like of course during Sinulog days, Cebu is converted into a very big party place where you can find different thematic parties."
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