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The Language of the Web and its effects

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Aleksandra Serwotka

on 2 April 2017

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Transcript of The Language of the Web and its effects

What is language?
What shapes language?
Social effects of the 'Internet language'
Internet communication
The Language of the Web
and its Effects

The language of the web - general trends
The language of the Web - specific aspects
Source: Cambridge Dictionaries Online
...a system...
...of communication.
Does language change over time?
Whan that Aprill with his shoures soote
When April with its sweet-smelling showers
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote,
Has pierced the drought of March to the root,
And bathed every veyne in swich licour
And bathed every vein (of the plants) in such liquid
Of which vertu engendred is the flour;
By which power the flower is created;
Geoffrey Chaucer -
The Canterbury Tales
1. The use of certain expressions.
2. Standardization.
Who decides what is 'standard'?
3. The question of space.
4. Groups of people.
computer-mediated communication
(mostly) written communication
two major types
1. Unilateral communication.
the sender does not expect any answer
2. Interactive communication.
at least two active participants
two types
Asynchronous communication
there is a time lag between the message and the answer
Synchronous communication
...which takes place in real time and resembles 'standard' communication (offline).
1. A strong influence of the English language
a) English words
b) English acronyms
c) 'Polonization'
2. Saving space/time
a) Acronyms
b) Simplified forms
c) Lack of Polish (or any other non-English) characters
a) Overuse of punctuation marks
b) Accumulation of letters
c) Caps Lock overuse
d) Incorrect/inconsistent capitalization
e) Non-verbal reactions
f) Graphic elements
Graphic + textual elements
Influence on written language
Spelling mistakes in France:
1987 - 10,6
2007 - 14,3
2015 - 17,8
Who/what is to blame?
Influence on communication
more exchanges between different people
'creative identities'
certain hierarchies are maintained
(e.g. webmasters, site moderators)
different approaches (grammatical, sociological)
different codes
Thank you for your attention!
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