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Panera Bread Management Strategy

No description

Kayla Johnson

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Panera Bread Management Strategy

Panera Bread Management Strategy

Structure , Human Resources & Management
Transformational leadership: Leadership that motivates followers to ignore self interest and work for the larger good of the organization
Functional, Operation, and Strategic
Panera Bread's External Environment
Competition, Political, Economical, technological, sociocultural
Company Plans & Stategies
How Panera has made their business successful
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
What we have learned
Panera Bread is located in all 50 states, but we chose to concentrate on their South
Tampa Location

709 South Howard Avenue
Tampa, FL
“Panera Cares® community cafes exist to feed each and every person who walks through our doors with dignity regardless of their means.”
Our Products
Panera Bread is great for people who want to eat lunch quickly, families on a budget, or college students who want a good meal at a fair price
Panera Bread's main competitor would be Starbucks
More Options
United States and Canada- International Environment does not affect Panera unlike most other companies
Atmosphere compared
to others
Strategic plans
Differentiate from other sandwich shops
Superior quality and Lavished dining experiences
Nice establishment compared to Fast Food restaurant
Decision Making
Toll-free Ethics Hotline
Most decisions are made from the top of the company, and shared throughout the U.S
No recognized standard answer
Organizational Structure
Day-to-day Employees, Store Managers, Area Managers, District Managers, Compensation Officers, C-Suit Executives
HR and Management
Hiring, Training, and Recruiting (What do they work for?)
Prefer Personal recommendations for future employees positions, although still advertise positions available in house
Keepin' the team together
Team bonding inside and outside the workplace
Holiday Parties, celebrations, etc
Orientation training activties increase motivation and social skills
Company Leadership Style
Transformational Leadership- Comparing mangers thoughts to employees
Managing individual differences
Incentives and rewards
Shift managers- Still on developing stages on how to manage employees (College Students)
Shift Managers, Cashiers, Bus boys, Inventory Workers
Hands-on with consumers
Store Managers
Specific locations are kept up to expectation
In charge of location revenue, sanitation, and all lower employees
Meetings with other local Panera mangers once a month
Take direct instructions from Corporate
Great food at great prices
Develop name recognition and relationship with customers
Target Several Market segments
(B-fast, Lunch, Dinner, Pastries Take-out)

Most employees are college-aged students = increase in turn-over rate
Staff from 6:00am till 10:00pm 6 days a week
Often compared to other sandwich companies
Focus on employee's, their needs and opinions
Better incentives for employees
3 Concepts We Learned
Would we want to be managers of Panera Bread?
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
By: Kayla, Jordan, Nicholas, Max, and Dominique
Customer service compared to other "fast food" industries
Panera 2.0
Americanized food
All executive decision making
Oversees all chains
Franchises and Corporate locations
"Brains of the business"
Ronald M. Shaich
Panera Bread, CEO
Over 200 locations and still growing
Rumors of going international within the next few years
Family-run business
Previously described, Panera 2.0
Food industry is very important to keep your brand name positive (Reputation)
Cost of whole sale food increases cause and increase in customer price
Increasing technology and updating menu
How does this affect your customers and their opinions?
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Positional Power: Power of an individual because of the relative position and duties of the holder of the position within an organization.
Positive Reinforcements: Rewards for positive behavior and work ethics.
Corporate Social Responsibility: Companies creating incentives that benefit the community.
(Panera Care)
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