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Cafe Bliss

No description

Mariana Ruvalcaba

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Cafe Bliss

Cafe Bliss
Three Most Important lessons from Biz Cafe?

1.In this line of business a satisfied staff is just as important as a satisfied customer being that they’re the face of your business you want to pay them a good wage that can keep them loyal to the business and the plan of the business.

2. One of the most important lessons learned about this Biz Café Simulation experience, was investing. being careful about how to invest the start up cost of any business takes a lot of planning and research. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of just guessing where to spend the money. It is critical that all investors make a list of what they will invest in and research before they purchase.

3. Advertising must be aggressive, market-specific, and, most importantly, offer incentives that will entice the market away from their routines and toward your unfamiliar product or service.

7. What information did you use to make your decisions each period? What tools, values, reports, graphs, or calculators did you find most helpful to manage your cafe? Which one's did you find least helpful?

Our product:
more than just coffee
Great Customer Service!
Advertising and
Customer Relations
Restaurant style: Modern
Internet: $.50 off coupons
Radio: 10 slots (the max)
Brand awareness: 83%
Customer Satisfaction: 68%
Cafe Bliss
By: Mariana Ruvalcaba, Maureen Fanta, Trilicia Brown
The information we used to make our decisions each period would come from comparing period results from previous decisions, we looked at the net income, service capacity, coffee calculator and we found the checkbook tool least useful.

8. How did you make adjustments based on that information you used in question #7? (For instance, if the coffee calculator said to buy X pounds of coffee, is that what you bought? Did you modify that number? What was your logic?)

Our logic for our new decision being made would come from analyzing the results of the 2 previous decisions and comments in the messages we received from the simulation and adjusting it to our own thoughts of what was the best way to make the current decision.

9.What was your most challenging decision? Why did you find it so challenging?
Decision 3 turned out to be our most challenging decision being that we had to decide on the weekend hours and adjust our staff as best as we could to make sure they were compatible also we had to make and emergency purchase of 11 lbs. of coffee prior to this decision so when we order for decision 3 we wasted 41lbs. of coffee.

Cafe Bliss was built on the imagination of it being a carefree working environment, that would welcome both college and business customers within the age range of 18-45 years old. The idea was for these individuals to come into our café to escape from the stress of school or the workplace atmosphere, into a more relaxed scenery that offered that refreshing smell of freshly brewed coffee and relaxation. Our main objective in the café was always to strive to keep our customers satisfied and content with both our coffee and atmosphere.

Business Plan Highlights
Excellent customer Service
Great Quality cafe, at a low price
Relaxing and Welcoming Environment
Friendly Staff
Advertise as much as possible
Make sure our employees are happy.
Our business plan of action was to utilize all of the Marketing options given to us, we wanted to advertise using both radio and online, because we believed that with any new business, advertising was critical to get the name out and offer ways for people to come try out our cafe.
Our strategy did take a while to catch on, it was not immediate, but with time more customers redeemed our coupons and our satisfaction bar increased.
Initially we started with a total of 10 servers and 2 managers, we decided to pay our servers a little bit over minimum wage , but not to high to start, so we agreed on $9.00 an hour, and we figured a good starting pay for our managers would be about $600 a week each.

Through out the entire simulation our servers remained content with their pay, while our managers remained unhappy. We were unable to figure out why the managers felt stressed and unhappy. We offered them increases in their weekly salary (a total of $23 in a 6 week period), we reduced servers to ease their workload, and we even reduced operating hours. We were really not sure what caused them to be unhappy through out the simulation.
Over all our employee satisfaction was great with in our servers. Our customer satisfaction increase every period reaching a maximum of 68%. Since our managers remained unhappy throughout the entire simulation, I think this had a slight impact on our customer satisfaction. we believe that if maybe we were able to find out the reason they were unhappy and we addressed it, our customer satisfaction would have increased much more.
Mon - Sat: 7 am to 11 pm
Sun: 9 am - 6pm
Conservative to Aggressive
The Bottom Line
Revenue: $57,096.35
COGS: $4,709.35
Gross Margin: $52,387.00
Expenses: $53,437.04
Net Income: [$1,050.04]
Beginning period 1 - customers redeemed 25 coupons for $12.50

Ending period 6 - customers redeemed 241 coupons totaling $120.50.
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