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Cells: The Simpson's Cell City

A self-contained enclosed environment, the cell is analogous to a city or other such places.

Garron Staten

on 24 February 2012

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Transcript of Cells: The Simpson's Cell City

The nucleus is at the center of the cell.
The cell wall is city limits. The cell wall defines the shape of the cell.
The mayor is the nucleolus of the cell. The nucleolus directs the production of protein within the nucleus.
Ribosomes are the workers that
make the cell. They extend and
develop the cell with proteins.
The endoplasmic reticulum acts like factories that
package materials for delivery like steroids and
The golgi bodies are the postal system of the cell, processing and transporting molecules around and out of the city.
The cytoskeleton provides roadways for the cell

The mighty
is the
of the cell.
The cell membrane acts like the guard that determines what enters and leaves the cell.
The vacuole acts as a storage place like a dump or a warehouse for material until
it can be used or expelled.
The lysosomes fight off foreign invaders
in the cell and dispose of unwanted
material. They also recycle material so
it can be useful again.
The cytoskeleton contains cilia and
flagella which play key roles
in sensory and locomotion.
The cell is the smallest unit
of living organisms.
Cells and their organelles come
in many sizes and have different
jobs to perform.
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