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Cyber bullying

mini forum topic

Adem Hasanaj

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying What is cyber bullying? Bullying that involves technology communication such as social networking sites, cell phones,and chat rooms. Cyber bullying can be vey serious it can even cause suicides. Although it can not do much damage but it can still hurt someones feelings. Suicides :( Many people all over America have been cyber bullied and some have even took their lives because of this type of bullying. 17 year old Alex Pillington a NYC soccer star took her life because of photo copied pictures of her from the social networking site know as forumspring.me 15 year old Phoebe Prince hanged herself because of threats on the internet. Megan Meier a 13
year old also killed
herself because of
a boy she met on the
social networking site
myspace.com later after she dies
the local police found out the boy didn't
excist. Teens and cyber bullying. Teens are most likely to be cyber bullied than kids and adults. Teens spend the most
time on cell phones, social
networking sites,and chat
rooms. Current statistics say that girls
are twice as likely to be cyber
bullied than boys. How old is too young? How old are people when they get a cell phone, facebook and even myspaces. Kids as young as 6
are being cyber bullied
because they have a cell
phone,myspace or facebook. r recently a highschool sophmore cyber bullied a nine year old In conclusion cyber bullying
is a terrible thing to happen to
somebody to get away from it try to
block all commmunications from them.
If they go to your school try your
best to stay away from them and never
talk to somebody you don't know.
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