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persuasive account

No description

ethan mirus

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of persuasive account

Ethan Mirus
Texting and Driving My opinion is that texting and driving should not be allowed any where in the world. This is my opinion because this could happen to you. The estimate of crashes per year from texting and driving is 1.6 MILLION!! That number shows you that texting and driving is seriously a problem. My opinion is if you are caught texting while driving more than once you should be put in jail or have your license take away for a period of time. Texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk drving or taking drugs and trying to drive. 28% of car accidents are caused because of texting and driving! THE END DONT TEXT AND DRIVE!! To stop texting and driving we can have major fines if caught. We could even takes the drivers licsense away if they have been caught before. If they are in a car crash because of texting and driving they should be put in jail Do you really want a text to be your last word you ever say or type? It's not worth risking your life over a text that couldve waited. Just think you might not be so lucky next time you decide to pick up that phone to see that text you just got.
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