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Growing up!

No description

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Growing up!

Carol Alonzo
My best friend
She introduce me to my husband
A great role model
A great single mother
A Doctor in the Making
My son godmother
When and where were you born?

- I was born on January 5th 1990 in Phoenix Arizona.
Where did you grow up?
-I grew up on the west side of downtown. Known more as an unfavorable area for those who know no better.
Growing up!

By: Maria Hernandez

Interview with :Carol Alonzo
What was it like?

-It was full of life. A hard working, hands dirty, and culturally explosive. We were given a sub-par education, pushed through and sent right back into lower class socioeconomic standards. But even with all of the odds against us, life was vibrant. When you grow up poor, you appreciate the beauty a neighborhood has to offer, even if its bits and pieces.
Who were your parents?
-My parents are Alex Rivera Alonzo and Carolina Moreno Alonzo.
What were your parents like?
-My parents are high school graduates pushed through their time in school. They grew up in the same neighborhood with the same living conditions. My parents are hard workers. If it took My dad to work three jobs, he did. My mother managed our household and held down work all while raising my sister, brother and I. My parents are strong chicanos, no strangers to struggle. Good hearted people.
Do you have any siblings?
-I have an older sister by ten years, Selina Marie Alonzo and an older brother by nine years, Alex Rivera Alonzo II.
How were they growing up?
-Due to the rather large gap in our ages my brother and sister were like a second set of parents for me. I was their baby and they took care of me. Growing up with them meant I was a pest, a brat and a snitch but they loved me and protected me always. Not much has changed even now in our adult lives. I love them both dearly.
What did you look like?
Giant dark brown bubble eyes, dark brown skin, my head was too big for my gangly body and I had huge teeth. I look very native american. I was the average awkard kid. Then I had to wear glasses and I looked like a Pocahontas point dexter.
Me as a child came in different forms. Me at home and me at school were very different. I had lots of friends at school and I was always in gifted classes. I loved school and to learn. At home, due to the age gap between my siblings, I was a loner most of the time so that lead me to become the biggest book worm. I was happy, always. If I complained, its because I was a brat not because I had a good reason.
How would you describe yourself as a child? Were you happy?
What did you think your life would be like when you were older?
Far less complicated then it is in all aspects. As a child we imagine things to be simple. I did think I'd make enough money to take care of my entire family.That is still in the works.
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