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Computational Thinking- A Unit A Instructional Video

No description

Jess X

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Computational Thinking- A Unit A Instructional Video

CT Skills at Work
How we use CT Skills in everyday life
Data Collection
appropriate information.
Decomposing the Definition
I collected information for certain CT Skill words from my science notebook. I then created a Prezi on Computational Thinking Skills with the info I got from my notebook.
For Instance...
Defining Abstraction
Analyzing the Definition
"Reducing complexity to find the main idea.”
Defining Parallelization
Organize resources to simultaneously carry out tasks to reach a common goal.
Reducing complexity to find the main idea.
Synonym: Gathering
Breaking down the meaning
"Organize resources to simultaneously carry out tasks to reach a common goal.”
Synonym: Summary
Breaking down to find the main idea.
In the "What is Data?” activity we summarized every section even shorter than the previous description. We used Abstraction when shortening the previous paragraph when we picked out specific facts we found important.
A Representation...
Synonym: Collaboration
Breaking down something big into smaller tasks to finish the final product. Breaking down tasks may help you work much more effeciently and finish faster.
When we did the activity "Save Fred,” my partner, Emily, and I worked together to ultimately get Fred alive and into his life jacket. One of us would be holding open the life jacket with the two paper clips while the other tried to push Fred in.
Real Life Scenario
From and essay paper...
To a notecard/sticknote
By Jessica Xiang
We have a project, let us split tasks.

"Gathering appropriate information.”
Collecting the needed data.
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