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RODIS: a full GIS soltution

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Gyula Fekete

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of RODIS: a full GIS soltution

Department head
Fekete Gyula Szabolcs
Thank you for your attention!
system implementation at
"GIS is the last thing you care,
but first thing you use."
+36 70 390 8318
"What is most important thing in life:
[Nándor Fa - transatlantic sailor]
Data Production
Data visualization and management
Data analysis
Source data production
Geodatabase prodution
Desktop GIS
a complete GIS solution for
Road Management

MLS - Mobile Laser Scanning
TLS - Terrestial Laser Scanning
Colored and CIR 10cm ground res. digital orthophoto
Own data property - high res. 3D colored pointcloud and
high res. orthophoto
covering the entire road network
Full coverage of 3D geodata as own data property that is
up-to date
serves many fields
GIS data production capacity
on-field GIS data update ability with quick response
GIS connections with workflow management systems
geographic data publication ability for in-house and for public users
data analysis ability to have accurate information about road surface and asset management
data support for other NGOs and for local municipalities

3D Geodatabased on manageable and format independent platform, serving professional users such as road designers, asset- and traffic managers, GIS analysts and stake holders
Data acquisition
One driver, one navigator
20-80 km scan path / man-shift

1.1M point/sec
0,5-1cm point density with 50km/h driving speed

6 x 5MP images on every 5m

1-3mm relative accuracy
2-50cm absolute accuracy without GCP/GCO
1-8cm absolute accuracy with RODIS solution

200-700GB raw data/one day mission
5 x 500GB SSD disc storage
Riegl VMX 450 MLS
6 5MB camera
2 VQ 450 scanner
Riegl VZ 400 TLS
additional Nikon D800 32MB camera
two external battery
various tripods for different fields
One shift, appr. 6-8 hours on mission every non-rainy days

First 10 month statistics:
390 scan projects
7 000 km scan path
30 000 km drivin km
3 300 km city road covered

appr. 10 million 5MB images
140 TB measured raw data
One-three field operators + one post-processing operator
30-80 scan positions / man-shift

Remote (WiFi) or on-board operation

300 000 point/sec
0,1 - 0,5 cm point density in 100m disance

5 x 32MP images on every scanpositions

1-3mm relative accuracy
1-3cm absolute accuracy depends on surveyed GCP/GCO

additional GPS antenna set - not used yet

15-20GB raw data/one day mission
Internal disc storage or laptop for data storage
One or two shifts scanning operation + parallel postprocesing - depends on Project urgency and size

First 10 month statistics:
appr. 15 000 scan positions
full 3D coverage of M4 metro line stations
15 udergrounds
300 reference are scan
20 TB measured raw data
Aerial photographs,
Mosaicing and orthophoro production
BKK Közút:
DTM using MLS LIDAR postprocessed data
Full coverage of the city

CIR and RGB acailable

10 cm ground resolution

15 cm absolute accuracy (RMSE: CE=90)
Post processing - final Source Data
MLS: LIDAR + images
TLS: LIDAR + images
GCP, PEF - Field Survey
Contractor + TLS team
own GCP network
New BasePoint network using Static GPS pairs with Rinex data
Reflective target co-ordinates from BasePoint by TotalStation
RODIS solution using GPS/TLS/MLS methods to fulfill 1-8cm absolute accuracy requirements
Scalable field team for GCP survey
TLS team in even in two shifts - Riegl VZ400

reference places read after 24 of survey

automatic PEF generation out of TLS data

automatic PEF generation out of georeferenced MLS pathes

on-line workflow support of ready AOIs
over 600 GCP Places
over 3600 GCPs around the city

appr. 900 000 PEF as reference objects on the city
10-80km processed pointcloud daily
2-10 TB processed data under process daily
LAZ, trajected JPG and UDS files as output
internal development
internal development
> 400 scanning path,
28 000 scan path crossing,
> 600 referene area
> 3600 GCPs
PointCloud post-processing software integrations
Custom designed transformers
30-60 ScanPositions processed pointcloud daily
2-8 TB processed data process daily
LAZ, trajected JPG and UDS files as output
internal development
internal development
Web GIS application for Processing inventory - PostgrSQL + ArcSDE, ArcGIS for Server
PointCloud post-processing software integrations
Custom designed transformers
In-house design
designed by user's requriements (road designers, road management specialist, traffic management specialist)
over 200 different feature types
3-20 attributes for every feature types
connects to workflow management systems
Wiki to upgrade reference information of Features and attributes
DataBase and GDB engine
PostgreSQL ArcSDE, FME
automatic update if new GDB version is designed
RODIS data check-in and check-out supported by FME
all other existing geodata is available
connection to any platform via FME
HW support
GB - 10GB connections
on-line connections
virtualized servers
scalable cores for computation
Vector production
100 - 3000m / man shift
2 shifts production
LIDAR and image data used together
GDB production even in CAD environment
Semi-automatic feature extraction
best available LIDAR production platforms

advantages of CAD environment

advantages of surveying software envitonment

true 3D data capture and QC

dynamic support by vendors

short development time window

on-board support
Custom designed semi-automatic feature extraction tools
and GDB load
Custom designed semi-automatic feature extraction tools
and GDB load
Visual and automacit QC
QC in different levels
Autocorrection by custom built engines
Auto QC engine
QC operator
Cross check with automatic engines
Pointcloud classification
Long- and cross-section analysis
Clearings analysis
Pot-hole detection
Road surfaces errors
Flood simulation
Web GIS application for Processing inventory - PostgreSQL + ArcSDE, ArcGIS for Server
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
t = 0
t + 1 month
t + 1 month and 2 weeks
t + 2 month
Sign language training for healthy coleagues
basic signs
culture of deaf people
sign language - an official language
advantages and difficulties using sign language
Hire deaf colleagues
basic IT/GIS training
introduction colleagues and working environment
basic trainings
Practicing GIS and Feature Extraction applications
using GIS softwares
source data - 3D pointcloud usage
data load to geodatabase
self-check and correction solution
Integrated work -
deaf with hearing people
communication works using sign language/gestures/monitor
working with shifts mixing deaf and hearing colleague pairs
sign language
GIS/IT training
common practice
Integration of audibly challenged people
Data interoperability between
Feature Extraction environment
CAD users and Geodatabase
GIS users and CAD users
Public clients

Any data, any format is supported

Data transformers are being developed parallel with other developments
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