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No description

on 12 September 2017

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Transcript of EXPOSURE

The idea
Exposure is an event with a lot of promises for the music industry by helping musicians whether they are in a band or solo artists find new members, contribute together and find suitable representation, all in one place in three days!
Our Strategy
40 * 480=19,200 Early bird earnings
50 * 280 = 14000 regular earning
Total Earnings: 33,200 Euros
Total costs: 33,230 Euros

The variable costs are considered at its highest sale

Fact behind the idea
Suggested solution
An Event For the undiscovered

Concept and theme
Estimated budget
Our marketing strategy
Mega-sized and mainstream artists
make up 1.1 percent of all artists yet
have 87.3 percent of Facebook likes.
Overall, over 90.7 percent of artists
can be considered undiscovered.
Segmented marketing for:

• Musicians: looking for representation
• Record label companies: looking for artists to represent
The outcome for each of these participants are different. The festival will be the common benefit for both sides.

What can we do for you?

What can you do for us?

1. Seminar: introduction to music industry
2. Set Up & Sound Check
3. Event Launch (Auditions)
4. Link session
5. Close Down

Logistics Area
Seating Plan
Venue & Capacity

Schedule and Preparations
Needless to say We will...
• Reaching 90.7% of musicians

• Introducing new styles, genres and trend in music

• Connecting proficient musicians together

• Expanding fan bases

• Reaching a substantial market with ongoing benefits. (everyday new musicians enter the market for professional careers)

• Bring new business and clients to record label companies

• Musicians focus solely on the creativity and quality of their product instead of market’s ups and downs and lack of recognition.

• Achieving product sales and merchandising opportunities

• Entertaining key clients and hospitality

• Market expansion

• Access to a new target group

• Brand awareness

Help us introduce ourselves and our matching objectives

Cover costs and share these benefits:
social media exposure
raising image
expand target market

• Follow the most suitable marketing and business strategies and change the strategic approach if it needs to be done in the future

• Predict , assess and control the risks

• Consider laws and regulations at all time

• Work with experienced and reliable staff

• Follow proper schedule of production, logistics, equipment and advertisement

• And stay relevant to the target audience

The exposure festival will aim for a specific target audience based on their artistic skills and the ambitions of the participants. The recording studios and companies will choose the desirable candidates and make contact with them for further procedures but the primary motive of this event is that the musicians find each other, expand their knowledge and spread their music and...

We will be glad to have you with us!
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