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PLP Teaser

This is a Prezi created as a teaser to our project for the Powerful Learning Practices project our team has created in the Forest Hills School District

Bob Reynolds

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of PLP Teaser

Student Engagement Can social media be used as an educational tool? What models can we create for
using Facebook in the classroom What do our students think? Student survey One class-One group
Turpin HS Honors Geometry Class Two schools-one course
Anderson HS and Turpin HS
AP History Classes
Collaboration between schools
Same District Two districts-SameAP class
Forest Hills and Archbishop Ryan HS
Ohio and Pennsylvania
AP Government Voluntary participation? The "Creepy Treehouse" Friending a teacher? What does the media say about this? Can this happen at school? Information literacy and safety Parent concerns Netcetera literature Current uses of Facebook in education Colleges Local example Why Facebook instead of other social media tools? The Power of Facebook How do people feel about this idea? The question: How can we keep students engaged in learning outside of the classroom through the development of their own personal learning communities while using the same technologies that they are using in their social networks? What engages students outside of the classroom? 85% of college students are on Facebook 8 million high school students are on Facebook The Objectives: 1. Increase student opporunities through the creation of personal learning
2.Educate students, staff, and parents regarding internet safety/protocol/digital citizenship
3.Leverage community and global learning connections
4.Increase access to web 2.0 tools to enhance the educational environment
Action Research Models "I think it could be really cool and convenient
if enough students participated and asked questions and answered questions." Phase 1
Interviewed Experts Created a mission Brainstormed with teachers Investigated a variety of social networks Removed internet barriers Obtained Netcetera literature Winter 2010 Phase 2 Spring 2010 Surveyed students Created sample social
network sites Trial facebook pages
for classes and school Netcetera info distributed
to students Pilot groups Phase 3 Fall 2010 Create list of
references Parent meetings on
internet safety Share research
with staff Professional development
on digital citizenship Professional development
on 21st Century Skills "I'm nervous that a teacher would be able to see my wall. I don't have bad things on it, but sometimes my friends post inappropriate things." "I don't think anyone will use it. Too many people are afraid that parents and teachers are trying to watch over them and make sure they aren't doing what they're not supposed to." "I like that teachers are giving assignments online. I love using computers. I'm on my computer at home all of the time. It is nice to have it on Facebook so that I don't have to go to another site." Survey Results
Question: How often do you use Facebook?

never- 15%
0-1 times a week- 9%
1-5 times a week-15%
once a day- 23%
multiple times a day-37% Question: What social networking sites do you
visit frequently?

my space-21%

Question: What is your opinion on using Facebook
for educational purposes?

sign me up!-15%
I would consider it-36%
I would have to think about it-15%
No way!-33% Have you ever used Facebook
for educational purposes?

yes, my friends and I
have created a site 11%

yes, have participated in 5%
a group created by a

no, I only use Facebook 69%
for social purposes

no, I am not on Facebook 17% 40% are not concerned with
friending someone they don't

while, 41% are somewhat concerned
with friending some they don't know


19% are very concerned with friending
someone they don't know 85% are somewhat or very concerned with a stranger
accessing their information

73% are somewhat or very concerned that
their privacy settings are set correctly 57% are not concerned with
their parents accessing their
information 80% are concerned with the
intentions of a stranger 62% are not concerned with
the content of their posts
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