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Bullying: A Social Justice Issue

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Daniela Duarte

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Bullying: A Social Justice Issue

A Social Justice Issue Bullying What is Bullying? Bullying is the action of hurting, persecuting or intimidating a weaker person. What is the meaning of Social Justice? How can you help stop bullying in schools? You can help stop bullying by:
Making parents, teachers or other school faculty members aware of bullying problems (You can write up an anonymous report to your school of a bullying issue)
If you see someone being bullied on school property, find an adult to handle the problem immediately.
If you aren't sure if bullying is a problem at your school, talk to school counselors about issuing bully surveys to students.
Make others aware that you are against bullying
Work with teachers to make school a safe environment where people look after one another, this could begin by simply posting peace posters around the school's grounds.
If adults are unwilling to address a bullying problem at school, train others to know the school's rules and bullying policies How are bullying victims affected? Bullying victims:
face depression
may inflict self harm (cutting or burning)
are at a higher risk of committing suicide, also known as bullycide Social Justice is the act of justice in society where all members are equal, no matter class or group and all humans respect the dignity of all other human beings How is Bullying a Social Justice issue? By picking on students of lower class or with lower self esteems, bullies make themselves seem superior.
Bullying is a social justice issue because victims are treated unfairly(made to feel inferior to others), cannot live peacefully and their human dignity and human rights are disrespected. What does the Church say about this Social Injustice? The Catholic Church reminds us of the importance of treating all other humans as equals. Even when we are treated unfairly we should not hope for bad fortunes to fall on those who have hurt us. But instead, we should treat people who have hurt us how we would like to be treated. Awareness Analysis Action Why haven't schools strengthened the regulations of bullying? Many schools are unaware of bullying issues on their campus because students are too intimidated to report the action or victims are afraid their bullying will intensify if they go to an adult for help.
In a survey around schools in the United States taken in 2013, only 1 in 10 students reported being bullied and 71% of participants said that bullying is a constant problem in their school.
In the 2011 documentary film named Bully, a student was getting bullied daily by peers on the bus and his parents went to the school faculty about the issue. The school's principal denied that there was a problem since she had been on the bus and all the students were "angels" while she rode that route. The Circle of Social Action Whoever says he is in light and hates his brother is still in darkness
1 John 2:9 Prezi by Daniela Duarte
Religious Studies III: Period 5
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