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Fahrenheit 451 Presentation

No description

Sam Ulan

on 15 May 2012

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 Presentation

Fahrenheit 451 Final Project ABC Slide Show Project
Reach 7/8
May 4th, 2012 By: Sam Ulan
Books are banned from their society. Whenever they are found they are burned. It is also a symbol of disgrace in this society. Mainly because books are a symbol of knowledge and they want the citizens to have as little knowledge as possible. is for Books B C In this society the rulers use censorship to keep the society mainly a utopia. They sensor books and information about the worlds past. is for Censorship. G Guy Montag is a fireman that loved his job,until
he met Clarisse and started questioning everything he lived and worked for. He began to want to learn to read and understand books. He went in search for someone to help him with this and came up with a plan to get the books back. He is also the main character in the book. is for Guy Montag H The firemen use a mechanical hound, that looks like a spider, to go in and sedate the people who live in the houses where the books are discovered so they can be taken into jail without a fight. is for hound I The quote "I heard once that a long time ago, houses used to burn by accident and they needed firemen to stop the flames." gives you a tip that the novel is futuristic not modern or past time. It also tells you that firemen are not great people. is for the quote "I heard once that a long time ago,
houses used to burn by accident..." K is for knowledge. Knowledge verse ignorance is a important theme for this novella. This theme shows if you are ignorant you will want to know lots of knowledge and the leaders of this society will try to stop you. If you aren't ignorant you will not want to know anything the leaders of your society don't want you to. F is for fire Fires are typically started by firemen. They fire is a symbol that the firefighters have been there. They start fires wherever books are found or suspected to be. L is for life verse death Life verse death is an important theme in this novella. Life and death are not separated much in this society. People commit suicide, get murdered, or die from other causes a lot everyday. People will die and nobody will care or have feelings about it because death is so common. M is for Mildred Mildred is Montag's wife. She is like everyone else in this society, she sits around and watches tv all day while secretly hating every minute of her life, but just like everyone else she doesn't like to talk about it. She is a drag to Montag. P is for Protagonist The protagonist is the main character in the novel. The main Character is Guy Montag, a fireman who the story revolves around. R is for Reading They people are not allowed to read books. If caught reading you are jailed. The fireman come take you way and burn your books. Reading is a skill they try to keep away from citizens. S is for Salamander In mythology, the fire salamander has the ability to survive fire. He is said to live in it or scurry about playfully in it. This is also another symbol of the fireman because they set fires and are used to being around it. T is for The Sieve and the Sand The story Montag tells of the sieve and the sand, is from his childhood. He was told if he could fill the sieve with sand he could have 5 dollars. He was not able to. It is a symbol of knowledge because Montag compares his brain to the sieve and the sand to knowledge. U is for unhappy All of the citizens are always unhappy with the world around them. They never complain though becuase then they would be out of the majority. Nobody wants to be out of the majority, bad things always happen when you leave the majority. A is for antagonist Captain Beatty is an antagonist because he does not like Guy Montag (the main character in the novel). He also apposes most things Montag choose to do. E is for epithet. An Epithet is an attribute. The
afterword of Fahrenheit 451
is an attribute from the author. D is for Dystopia Q is for questionable Very few people question anything in this society and when they do they get hurt, moved, or killed. Clarisse McClellan is one example. Lots of people in this society are in
a distopia and hate their life. That is another reason there is such a high suicide, murder, and violence rate.
The government tries to keep all the citizens in a Utopia, but fail to do so. N is for Novel Fahrenheit 451 is a fictional story with many interesting events that tell a great story. That has more the 10,000 words Creating a good novel. W is for Witty. Wit is intellectual humor. Witty humor is used by Beatty especially
when he is talking to Montag. Also when the firemen played cards, the other fireman used witty humor on Montag. Y is for The quote "you know why books such as this are so important?..." The quote "You know why books such as this are so important? Because they have quality. And what does the word quality mean? To me it means texture. This book has pores." The quote is said when Faber is explaining books to Montag. The quote means you need to have quality information to actually acknowledge the info. If the info isn't coming from a quality place it wall fall through your brain like a sieve and sand. z O is for the quote "Once as a child he had sat upon a yellow dune by the sea in the middle of the blue and hot summer day, trying to fill a sieve with sand..." The quote "Once as a child he had sat upon a yellow dune by the sea in the middle of the blue and hot summer day, trying to fill a sieve with sand, because some cruel cousin had said, “Fill this sieve and you’ll get a dime!” And the faster he poured, the faster it sifted through with a hot whispering." is telling you a story from when Montag was younger. He compares it to his brain and him not being able to memorize the knowledge he wanted to. v is for villain is for zoom Teens zoom on the road in their beatles. After Montag almost got hit by a zooming beatle, he wondered if that is how Clarisse died. There are many villains in this story. The firemen are Montag's villains, everyone's villain is the mechanical hound and many more. Becuase there is lots of dystopia in this society almost everyone has at least one villain. J is for jail The jail is where people are put after they are caught with books or did something extremely wrong. X is for Xenophobia Xenophobia means a fear of things
that are different. Lots of people
are afraid of different things in Fahrenheit 451, such as Faber has a xenophobia of the firemen. http://floreysbooks.blogspot.com/



http://saneandsingle.blogspot.com/2011/07/sad-face.html Works Cited
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