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unified national testing in Kazakhstan

No description

Akma .

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of unified national testing in Kazakhstan

Централизованное тестирование (ЦТ)

Friday, May 15, 2014
Reform of Higher Education
ЕНТ (Единый национальный тест)
Unified National Testing
Единый Государственный Экзамен (ЕГЭ)
Objective determination of knowledge
Quality of education
State control
Geographical aspect

Problems addressed
Centralized testing
Conducted from 2003 to the present.
Separately from the school final exams.
Testing is conducted on the basis of approved universities.
Testing is carried out on three subjects : Russian or Belorussian language and 2 in two core subjects
Sarsetova Meruert
Shalgimbayeva Akmaral
Rysbekkyzy Gulzhan
Turebekoba Fatima
Zhussupova Aliya
Thank you for attention!

Unified State Examination (USE ) - the main form of state (final ) certification of graduates of schools of the Russian Federation .
The tasks are divided into three parts ( block ): A, B, C.
Exam held on 14 general subjects.
Graduates of the current year take the compulsory subjects - Russian language and Mathematics.

Problem Addressed

1. Fights corruption
2. More objective evaluation
3. Stimulates independent preparation for exams
4. Permits compare the quality of education in different schools and regions
5. Gives opportunity to apply to HEI from distance, can apply to several HEI
6. Access for rural schools


1. Logic's and critical thinking skills suffer
2. Unusual instrument for Russian system of education
3. Incorrectly set tasks and unclear questions

Centralized Testing...
1. Pass only those who want to get apply in HE, one passing day, for 1 year certificate is valid

2. Requirements on creative examination

3. Strict control by various organs

4. No information on cases of corruption revealed however the cases of selling the answers

5. If applicants score is higher than the approved by institution then he/she gets scholarship
Reform description
multiple choice system
depressing effect
centralized forms of corruption
procedure of appealing results
brain drain
Corruption reduced
Centralized body, equal assessment
State monitoring on results
Instead of two exams – graduation and entrance only one
Applicant can send his/her documents to several institutions
CT also has no written exam as UNT, in USE block exams
Creative exam, separate from CT
USE certificate valid for 2 years,UNT CT for one year
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