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Alice's Halloween costume

Free Halloween themed Prezi. Save a copy of the template to your Prezi account at Prezibase.com

Vinyet Hernández Martínez

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Alice's Halloween costume

Next day, at school, everybody was dressed up! There were green witches, white ghosts and scary monsters. But there weren’t any beautiful pumpkins! It was Alice’s best Halloween day ever!
It was a sunny day in October. Alice was at home with mum and dad. She was very nervous. The following day it was Halloween!!
"Mum, let's go for a costume please!" said Alice.

"Ok dear, you need one for school. Tomorrow you have a party!"

They got ready and went to the shop.
"Look! A ghost! Uhhh, you’ll be very scary", said mum.

"Oh mum! It's only white. It's boring!
I don't like the ghost".
Mum found a monster "Look! A monster! Do you like it?"

"Oh! It's very ugly! And it's scary!
I don't like the monster mum!"
Then, Alice saw her perfect costume.

"Look mum! A pumpkin! It's orange and green with black eyes! And it's smiling! I love the pumpkin mum. Can I have it?"

“Sure Alice! I like it too!”

Finally they got the costume and she was sure she would have a terrific Halloween!

"Look! A witch!" said mum “Do you like it?”

"It's only black and green. It's an ugly witch! I don't like it".

So they continued searching.
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