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Prezibase Designs

on 14 March 2017

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Transcript of Nicole

Growth Products, Ltd.
Incorporated in 1984
Offering 43 different fertilizers, biologically based natural organics, micronutrients, biological fungicides, and dry technology
39% of sales are Exported Internationally
Manufactures in White Plains, NY and has commodity warehousing in 6 states.
Growth Products is an original manufacturer, packages, markets, advertises and sells product with its own team of sales professionals across the United States and exports to 25 countries internationally.
G.P. Solutions
Incorporated in 2002

Agricultural products servicing the
State of Florida
Located in LaBelle Florida this facility is an 8,000 sq ft building on approximately 2.25 acres. A 4,000 gallon reactor manufactures product. 120,000 gallons of tanks for storing raw materials and finished product. There are seven 5,200 tankers for delivery, 2 flatbed trucks with piggy back forklifts. Capacity to manufacture over 10,000 gallons per day.
of 2016's sales were Fertilizers,
Product is predominantly sold in 30 gallon drums, 275 gallon mini-bulk and tanker trucks of 2,000-4,000 gallons
Natural Organics
Micronutrients and
Agricultural &
Horticultural Products

NovaGreen Line for Marijuana Market
Introduced in 2016
Simple Success for
Retail Market
Introduced in 2013


Biologically Based Natural Organics


Dry Technology
Based on proprietary formula developed in the 1980's.
Highest Percentage of Nutrients Packed into Every Gallon
Quality Raw Materials Translate into Excellent Agronomic Results
Hybrid technology that incorporates organic ingredients
Companion® Biological Fungicide
Patented Liquid Product introduced in 2006
Wettable powder introduced in 2015 that is OMRI Certified
Extensive University and Independent laboratory testing proving its efficacy.
Works to fight a wide range of soil and foliar disease
Safe for humans
Stimulates Plant and Root Growth while fighting disease

Customer requested dry version of our popular liquid products
Organic Products that provide High efficacy and discernable results

Organic products that surpass the competition with quality of ingredients and quality of raw materials
High efficacy and discernable results
Professional Turf, Tree
and Landscape Products
Hired VP of NovaGreen in 2016 with background in Denver market to focus on this brand line
Products, labels, and specifications with application rates for marijuana crops.
Independent brand line geared towards legal and professional marijuana market.
Specific labels geared towards home garden applications.
Unique packaging for ease of use and handling
Master gardeners are interested in high quality professional products to grow with.
Chemically reacted by manufacturing the product at high heat over 3 hours. The reaction produces a long chain molecule of nitrogen and carbon that resists leaching, volitalization and breaks down over time.
Nitro-30® SRN 30-0-0 is a slow release Methylene Urea nitrogen.
Product Portfolio
Based Technology
Research & Development

40% of the Growth Products 2016 sales were fertilizers, 11% Micronutrients and 50% are Natural Organics
High Quality Chelated Products
Chelation is the process of bonding metals such as iron, calcium and magnisuim to another molecule that helps the element stay available for plants to absorb and easily transport though its system.
Chelation Process: Glucoheptonate (sugar), citric acid and EDTA.
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