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IMC Plan for Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea

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on 12 September 2010

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Transcript of IMC Plan for Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea

IMC Plan
Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea Introduction Company Analysis Lipton is the biggest tea brand globally. Not only it is the expert for tea products, but it stands for the international, stylish and urbanized lifestyle. Market Analysis Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea focuses on the middle to up-middle class of work-oriented users aged from 21 to 40 and the students aged from 15 to 25. Environment Analysis Environment is a very important factor that affects the sales and market of Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea (Roger 2002). Before the company to make out the strategies, it must to progress the rigorous environment strategy analysis
The economic and demographic environment consists of factors that affect consumers buying power and spending pattern
With the trend of globalization, customers’ preference and taste will somewhat be influenced by western country, especially in terms of product design and the hi-tech features
Consumer Analysis 100% Natural Green Tea Age Group Age Group Age Group Know Or Don't Know 15—20 21—25 26—35 Yes-69%
No-31% Yes-70%
No-30% Yes-58%
No-42% Drink Green Tea Before Yes-64%
No-36% Yes-65%
No-35% Yes-50%
No-50% Occupation Student Student
Write-collar Write
Blue-collar 100% Natural Green Tea Know Or Don't Know Drink Green Tea Before Occupation Age Group
Age Group Age Group 36—40 41—50 51+ Yes-61%
No-39% Yes-48%
No-52% ------ Yes-59%
No-41% Yes-30%
No-70% ------ Write or
Blue-collar Write or
------- Table One Table Two
Occupation Students Write-collar Blue-collar Others Age 15--20 21--25 30--40 41--50 61.5% 60.3% 64.5% 60.9% 60.3% 59.1% 61.1% 57.4% 38.1% Table Three
Age Purchasing rates Loyalty status Readiness stage Brand familiarity 15--25 30--40 41--50 64.9% 60.1% 38.1% Medium Medium Strong Desirous Aware Unaware Insistence Preference Rejection Once again, we could see that the consumers from age 15 to 25 have a high purchasing rate and stay in the desired readiness stage. They are more insistence for the brand familiarity. They are the most important segment that influences the buying decision process on Green Tea market. The age between 30 and 40 group people are also in a high buying rate and they are in the medium loyalty status. From the analysis of the customers , we can determine that the primary target customers are work-oriented users aged from 21 to 40. The secondary target market is students who are aged from 15 to 25. Competitor Analysis Lipton’s primary competitors are defined based on strategic groups. Lipton’s most closed competitor is Snapple.
Brand Analysis Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea is the category that be promoted by Lipton UK in the areas such as Europe, Asia, the East Africa, and etc. Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea is made of the finest tea leaves from the places around the world. The key characteristics of this category that combine the pureness, simpleness, no additives or colorings, naturally flavor and aroma, and decaf make the clearly differentiates of the products from its competitors. It is in the growth stage after it was introduced into the markets.
Desired Positioning To accurately positioning the firm and through a well-integrated program of marketing mix elements that tailored to the needs and wants of customers would help the company to seek the competitive advantage
IMC Objectives to achieve and secure 80% of green tea market and maintain the leadership.
to delivering the approproate communications into consumers’ buying decisions through IMC program to maintain the existing markets and attract the new potentials.
to ensure customer’s satisfaction and respect and to guarantee the responsibilities to the whole communities.
to increase sales nationally and internationally.
to generate more profits to company and stakeholders. IMC Program Design Advertising
Print media
Billboard Sales Promotions
Consumer promotion
Trade promotion
Internet is a fast and convenience network communication media Monitoring and Control In order to gain future growth and defend itself from competitors’ attack, it is better for itself to consider combining its traditional strategy with pricing, promotion and distribution, and environmentally focus strategies, make the strategies to be more flexible. Conclusion In the globalized economy that we live in, Lipton is constantly improving and looking for new opportunities to sell its products and services to the world. It always keeps the mission that to provide the highest quality innovative services and products at excellent value of money to all classes of consumers. The management team has brought Lipton into an already crowded market, and has joined with others to expand and grow Lipton. We believe, with the endeavors of all employees and management team, Lipton would step up into a new era.
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