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Brazilian Trades With Canada

Did you know Brazil is a big trader with Canada??

Rohan Kumar

on 13 April 2013

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Transcript of Brazilian Trades With Canada

Canada Brazil Group Group Eygpt Costa Rica Colombia Portugal China as you can see Canada trades with may countries around the world but... Canada USA Chile Trading Between.... Exoprting
Importing A Factor Which Changes our Economy "Drop by Drop" All You Probably Know is they are REALLY good at
SOCCER There is much more to Brazil... then just soccer This is probbably how much you know about Brazil ROCK ON!!! DU DES This is Called..... Brasillia Did you know they were our 3rd biggest traders in 1999.... What will you learn today.. Backround Culture Importing &
Exporting Compedative
Advantages International RIsk Recommendations &
Conclusions So now..... lets get to know Brazil a little more MAP OF THE WORLD Population of Brazil: 203429773 Spanish is spoken in Brazil right?
NO!!!! ITS NOT Languages Spoken: Portuguese only 100% 1 Canadian Dollar = 1.75699 Brazilian Real Canada's only half a million miles larger than Brazil So now lets get into the facts of Brazil.... Brazil is a capitalistic country (mixed economy), much like the United States of America. Brazil has a large and well established economy anchored by agriculture, mining, manufacturing and service. It is larger than any other in South America. Want to take vacation to Brazil....better check the weather first Agua de Coco University of São Paulo Need to go to Brazil for bussiness ..... then please read the following - Speak English don't embarrasse yourself PLEASE
- Act normal...don't act excited or sad
-DO NOT talk off topic unless the other guy starts it
- Only say funny stuff on a proper time ( in a chill mood NOT AT WORK)
- Give them chocolates or taquilla (somthing expensive)
- Go to lunch with them
- Don't waste your time...get straight to the point
-Negociate with them but not over the limit
- All the same holidays as us
-Role of the family members is same as us
-Be classy.... don't act goofy Now Lets get into Importing and Exporting... MOSTLY TROPICAL Lots of RAIN AND PRECIPITAION Average Temperature is 25 degrees. Brazil hosts five major climatic subtypes: equatorial, tropical, highland tropical, temperate, and subtropical. Making Brazil Canada's first largest market in Latin America. EXPORTS IMPORTS MACHINERY AND EQUIP 319 MILLIONS PAPER, ARTICLES THEREOF ENERGY AND RELATED FERTILIZERS 205 MILLIONS 202 MILLIONS 166 MILLIONS ELECTRONICS AND RELATED 111 MILLIONS CEREALS 100 MILLIONS AIR CRAFTS 95 MILLIONS SPECIALIZED INSTRUMENTS 52 MILLIONS ORGANIC CHEMICALS 52 MILLIONS INORGANIC CHEMICALS 633 MILLIONS SUGAR AND CONFECTIONERY MACHINERY AND EQUIP. MOTOR VEHICLES 387 MILLIONS 171 MILLIONS 151 MILLIONS PREPARED VEGETABLES 92 MILLIONS IRON, STEEL 89 MILLIONS COFFEE 84 MILLIONS ELECTRONICS AND RELATED 78 MILLIONS METALS, JEWELLERY, COINS 75 MILLIONS AND PARTS AND FRUITS / TEA BRAZIL BELONGS TO THE WTO (WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION) WHY IS CANADA A MAJOR TRADE PARTNER WITH BRAZIL? This means that Brazil has COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES... Due to brazil's tropical climate and its rich/unique soil, it is one of the best countries at producing coffee, oranges, and soybeans in terms of quality. 1 2 Due to Brazil's massive amounts of tropical forests (like the AMAZON), they produce also a massive amounts of NATURAL RESOURCES (like tropical fruits / vegetables), which lowers their prices. This makes Brazil one of the cheapest countries in buying tropical fuits and vegetables as there is so much supply. COMPARITIVE ADV. ABSOLUTE ADV. ALSO... Brazil nuts are type of trees that are only grown in eastern Brazil and produce very delicious nuts. They are known worldwide for their unique taste. 3 LET'S SEE BRAZIL AS A WHOLE... IT IS A MAJOR EXPORTER WORLDWIDE... 4 DID YOU KNOW: That Brazil held 25% of the world market share for soybean in 2005. BECAME WORLD LEADING EXPORTER WITH 39% OF GLOBAL EXPORT MARKET SHARE. That Brazil accounts for 25% of global exports of raw cane and refined sugar. That Brazil held 41% of the world export market for broilers in 2007. That Brazil is the biggest source of organic certified honey in the world. That Brazil is responsible for 80% of the planet's orange juice. RATE IT FROM 1 TO 10 POLITICAL RISK ECONOMICAL RISK SOCIAL RISK NATURAL RISK 1 2 One of the MOST CROWDED cities in the world 3 4 Brasilia Also one of the most beautiful cities Brazil has a very good democratic political system and government It encourages foreign investments and provides several incentives to the investors (100% of land and property) HOWEVER... There is a dispute between Brazil and Uruguay over Braziliera Island MAY LEAD TO FUTURE WAR Brazil has a very STABLE CURRENCY Therefore, it has no ECONOMICAL RISK... Ex: In the 2008 recession, it was the last to fall and the first to resume growth in 2009 Brazil is a CRIMINAL HOTSPOT... (HIGH RATES OF CRIMES) DRUG MAFIA Pickpocketing and bag snatching is very comon. PIRACY SECOND LARGEST CONSUMER OF COCAINE IN THE WORLD HUNDREDS OF SHIPS GET STOLEN AROUND THE AMAZOON RIVER COST OF LIVING IS ABOUT 25% LESS THAN ANY EUROPEAN COUNTRY... Brazil usually has pleasant weather of 25-30 degrees Celsius. HOWEVER... HIGH RATE OF FLOODS OCCUR EX: Santa Catarina Flood in 2008 3 RATING SAFE COUNTRY...CONSIDERING OLYMPICS AND WORLD CUP OCCURING THERE IN CONCLUSION, Canada should invest with Brazil at this time... 9TH BIGGEST ECONOMY RANKS AMONG THE TOP 20 EXPORTING COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF TROPICAL NATURAL RESOURCES WTO supervises and liberalizes international trade. WTO provides a forum for negotiations and for settling disputes incase arrguments arise. BECAUSE ADVANTAGE FOR CANADA Two-way trade reached C$5 billion in 2008 WARNING!! ANY BORDEM SHOWN WOULD HAVE TO GO THROUH
SEVERE CONSEQUENCES THANK YOU FOR WATCHING CANADA AND BRAZIL BY ROHAN By: John and Rohan LE LOUVRE À TRAVERS SON HISTOIRE Philippe II 1190 Philippe IV le Bel (a régné entre 1285 et 1314) a fait transférer le trésor royal au Louvre en 1295. CHARLES V LE SAGE 1364-1365 L'histoire Du
Louvre LOUVRE : LE MUSÉE ... Entre 1980 et 1988 s’élève La pyramide du Louvre qui a par objectif offrir une entrée centralise à ses visiteurs.
En 1993 La pyramide inverse a été fini.
Jusqu’à quelques années avant, le Louvre avait été habitée aussi par des organismes publiques. Mais pas maintenant Arts de l'Islam Antiquités égyptiennes Antiquités grecques, étrusques et romaines Peintures L'Afrique LE LOUVRE ACTUELLE ... MERCI BIEN !
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