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Fallen - by Lauren Kate

No description

Khmera Singh

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Fallen - by Lauren Kate

“What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?”
- Lauren Kate

About the Author
Grew up in Dallas, Texas
Born in Dayaton, Ohio
Educated in Atlanta, Georgia
Has a masters degree in fiction
Graduated form the University of California
Internationally bestselling author of young adult fiction
Currently lives in L.A with her husband in Laurel Canyon
Her novels are translated in over thirty different languages
Her novel Fallen ranked number 3 on the New York Times bestselling list
Her first novel was fallen
The inspiration of Fallen came from the Bible
Began to Write in New York
Studied the Bible in grad school
Hopes to work in a restraunt kitchen
She would Like to learn how to surf.
She has been taking writing workshops for about ten years
Received an M.A in Creative Writing form U.C Davis

The novel Fallen, falls underneath the genre of fantasy, young adult fiction, and romance.
Other Novels
Fallen in Love
Waterfall - Coming soon
The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove
The Fallen Series
Rising Action
Falling Action
Lucinda Price arrives at Sword and Cross Boarding school/reform school.
Sent there because her parents think she is crazy for seeing dark shadows
Also sent there as a reform student because she was accused of murdering her friend Trevor in a cabin fire
Luce discovers Daniel
She is strongly attracted by him
Daniel and Luce then repeatedly keep bumping in to each other
Cam and Daniel start to fight over luce
Luce finds out everything that is going on
She finally gets answers and is told that Daniel and Cam are angels
Lucinda Price
Daniel Grigori
Cameron Briel
Male protagonist
He is a fallen angel and also Luce's lover
He is also Luce's guardian angel
Him and Luce have met before in their past lives
The antagonist of the novel
He likes Luce
He too is a fallen angel but is on the bad side
He makes it his mission to get her attention
He is also knew to Sword and Cross boarding school
He and Daniel make it a war to get Luce
The protagonist of the novel
Suspected of murdering her friend Trevor in a cabin fire
When she was young she saw shadows even till now
Later the shadows are discovered what they actually are which they are called the announcers
Reincarnated every 17 years but unable to recall her past lives
Was an archangel
Interesting Passage/Quote
“We meet. We always meet, somehow we're always thrown together, no matter where I go, no matter how I try to distance myself from you. It never matters. You always find me."
Those of you who've learned the ropes are free to go after you dump your hazards." The attendant gestured at a large cardboard box under a sign that said in big black letters PROHIBITED MATERIALS, "And when I say free, Todd" - she clamped a hand down on the freckled kid's shoulder, making him jump - "I mean gymnasium-bound to meet your preassigned student guides. You" - she pointed at Luce - "dump your hazards and stay with me.
Social Justice Quote
Social Justice Issue
Human Rights
The rights to all humans and is entitled to the right of life, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, liberty , privacy and equality
Luce does not have this because she is forced to proceed to certain standards
Restricted to certain boundaries
Forced to take certain meds
Text to World Connection
Connections: Text to World
many people battle with human rights in the world
right to education
women's rights
freedom of opinion and expression
disability rights
privacy rights
My Opinion
Very detailed novel
Slow paced
Unstoppable page turner
Very mysterious characters
Historical Context
The novel was inspired by the bible and biblical narratives. She also studied the book of Genesis which is the Hebrew bible to narrate the novel. The book has flashback to civil war times.
Theme of the novel is forbidden love
This theme is rooted in theology (fallen angels, archangels, nephilim)
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