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Fossil Fuels: Negative And Positive Effects On The Environment.

This Tells You About The Negative And Positive Effects Of Fossil Fuels...

Monique Bakola

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Fossil Fuels: Negative And Positive Effects On The Environment.

Fossil Fuels! The Positive and Negative. This Project Will Tell You Information And Facts On Fossil Fuels. How Can We Stop Using/Burning Fossil Fuels? What Are Fossil Fuels ? The Pros Of Fossil Fuels. By using a coal (a fossil fuel) we can make electricity very cheaply. We can run vehicles from it. It is taking old fuels out from our environment and transferring them into new ones. Fossil fuels have the potential to power the entire GLOBE. Transporting gas or liquid fossil fuels is very easy.
There are alot fossil fuels like coal available. Fossil fuels are cheaper than other forms of energy The Cons Of Fossil Fuels It produces gasses which can be harmful to the environment CO2 (carbon dioxide),CO(carbon monoxide), NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide). Some of these are greenhouse gasses and others are poisonous to animals and humans. SO2 is what makes acid rain. The first effect of burning fossil fuels is the health of our population. Stop driving, stop heating your house with electricity (unless you have wind or solar power), stop heating your house with gas or oil. Stop buying every thing for sale in the world. Stop cooking your food unless you have solar or wind electric power. Don't ride buses or trains, Stop eating anything other then food you grow. Stop using medicines The Internet must go In short, the planet needs to use fossil fuels. We can not sustain the population we have without using large amounts of this energy. Basically you can't stop using fossil fuel entirely. It is all built and moved with fossil fuel.
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