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Flowers for Algernon by stefany and maddy

No description

Stefany Larsen

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon by stefany and maddy

Impressions on friends before and after surgery Before the surgery, Charlie thought everybody was his friend and everybody was oblivious as himself. After the surgery he became more in tune to his surroundings and hid friends behavior, and realized that they were not really his friends. For example before the surgery, he said "Their really my friends and they like me." But after, he said What he thought before the surgery when people were laughing at him and after the surgery. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes Before the surgery, Charlie thought his "friends" were laughing with him because he thought they were his friends. But then after the surgery he realized they were making fun of him. For example after the surgery, he said "I never knew that Joe and Frank and the others liked to have me around all the time to make fun of me." How charlies spelling was before and then after his surgery. Before the surgery he misspelled words, didn't have accurate handwriting, and also had no punctuation. After the surgery his punctuation was a lot better. For example, before the surgery, "Dr. Strauss says I shud rite down what i think and every thing that happins to me from now on." And after, "As you see, my experiments are completed." After the surgery, he made no spelling/ grammar/ punctuation mistakes. Language Before he wasn't finishing the words and took a long time to talk and mumbled words. After he could say the words better and could finish his sentences. For example: I have lots of trouble with though that you say threw and enough and tough that you dont say enew and tew. you got to say enuff and tuff. Thinking skills before the surgery and after. Charlies thinking skill before the surgery were not good at all, he couldn't comprehend very good and his IQ of 68. But then after he had the surgery his thinking skills became really good and had a IQ over 200, and he started understanding how to do things. Also beat Algernon. Social skills Before the surgery Charlie's social skills were great, he was super nice and sweet. After the surgery his social skills became more isolated. For example he realizes that people have always based their attitudes toward him on feelings of superiority. Opinion of the doctors before and after surgery . The opinions of the doctors were they seemed like they cared about him. But then after the surgery they didn't really care about and they just wanted the fame. For example: Before the surgery, " Dr.strauss was very nice and talked slow" and then after Opinion on Miss. Kinnian before and after surgery . The opinion that Miss Kinnian believed in him and she thought Charlie was going to get better and a lot smarter but then after the surgery, she couldn't keep up with charlie because he got smarter then her. For example before the surgery, Miss Kinnian was teaching me how to spell better and after the surgery she says " he is a better reader then her already." Self-impression Charlies self-impression on him self before the surgery was in the book it said i told them because all my life i wanted to be smart and not dumb. After the surgery it said I'd hidden the picture of the old Charlie Gordon from myself because now that i was intelligent it was something that had to be push out of my mind.
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