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Courage and Defiance By Deborah Hopkinson

No description

Eliseo Corona

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Courage and Defiance By Deborah Hopkinson

Other Books Written by The Author
Shutting Down The Sky
A Band Of Angels
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Annie And Hellen
Into The Firestorm
And much more!!!!!!
The conflict of the book is the notorious and infamous tragedy known as the Holocaust. Denmark has been conquered and occupied by Nazis and the protagonists of this particular story had to liberate themselves and their great country from the 'invincible' Germany.
This book would be considered a biography. You can tell because these are true stories about the holocaust. Also, in the back of the book, there is a bibliography, something that cites the information from the text and is only found in biographies.
Main Charaters
Niel Skov
Jorgen Kieler
Thomas Sneum
Meaningful Quote
Courage and Defiance By Deborah Hopkinson
Presented by Dana Rasmussen, Madeleine Pena, Sam Harris, and Eliseo Corona
EQ: What does our response to conflict say about us as shown in your book?

Recommend to
Students That
We recommend this book to anyone that enjoys learning about real events that happened during the holocaust, even if you are not a total fan it's still an interesting topic. With a 1040 lexical score, it's a nice challenge to some.
The world can change overnight, as it did in Denmark.
April 9, 1940
The day the Germans took Denmark in surprise.
The day the Danes chose a side : Pro-German or Pro-Danes
The day Jorgen Kieler, Thomas Sneum, and Niel Skov chose the side of resistence.
The day the Germans were known as the supreme country.
The day the Jews started to be targeted out.
The world can change overnight, just as it did for the Danes.
The theme of
Courage and Defiance
is Dignity.
Dignity comes from the sense of self worth or value of a certain thing. Dignity turns into many other themes in the book like nationalism, bravery, defiance, and persistence. While there are many themes to the book, dignity is the ultimate foundation of them all.
Courage and Defiance
takes place in 1940-45 Denmark where the protagonists live. The setting does momentarily change to other places like Britan and Sweden, but most of the book takes place in Denmark.
As humans we have a natural response to danger, a fight or flight reaction. In Courage and Defiance, by Deborah Hopkinson, it can also be applied, mostly because it a nonfiction piece that retells what happened. So there is more of a feel for human nature. With wide cast of characters as they find ways to resist and disrupt the invaders, from solo sabotage to organized rebellion. It's a compelling look at everyday heroism and acts of valor.
"I feel that I must always follow my inner convictions, always be prepared for the unexpected, always be ready to spring into action... living in the moment.only and with our lives at stake. The group of which I'm working has completely accepted this." (Hopkinson, p. 7)
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