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Legend By: Marie Lu

No description

Sara Vasquez

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Legend By: Marie Lu

Legend By: Marie Lu
Figurative Language
People in the crowd collapse like levees in a flood.
Means: people are falling to the ground.
Important characters
Thomas : Jared Padalecki
Mood and Tone
Point of view
About the Author
Marie Lu
Plot Diagram
The theme is Honesty is better than cheating. June lied to Day about her identity and then she put him in jail and Thomas killed his mom. I think it is like this because everybody is cheating themselves by doing bad things. They are cheating to get the truth out of Day. The second theme is its more important to be nice instead of popular. Its more important to be nice instead of popular. Tomas kills people to be cool. He should be a nice person. He needs to be a friend not an enemy.
Main Characters
Internal is man vs. self when June is sad inside because they hurt days family. Insight for Day is when he feels like he still likes June. External is man vs. man for June is intense. She fights with people herself and everything. Day fights with the same people and things as June but he doesn't intend to harm anyone.
By: Sara V.
Marie Lu or Xiwei Lu
Born in 1984 in Beijing, China
Her hometown is Beijing, China & in 1989 she moved to Texas
Attended University of Southern California
14 when started writing Legend
Very little family but they are unknown
Currently lives in Los Angles California
Review of the book
The title is Legend. I think that it has something to do with June and how she is a prodigy becoming a legend in the making. Everyone thinks she is amazing and she is a legend to them. She means a lot in the story, but so does Day, but he is not really the legend.
Jackie Chan
Commander Jameson:
Sigourney Weaver
Ben Barnes
Jeremy Irvine
Brittney Snow as June
She is brave and protective. She is trying to escape the republic because she found out what they are doing that is wrong
All the vocab words.
"I'm dead"
It means they are in a lot of trouble
"They are buzzing like bees."
Means they are mumbling a lot.
Day's brothers
John and Eden:
Sprouse brothers
as Day
Day is a criminal that is brave and daring. He is wanted by the republic. He had caused many troubles, but he never intended too kill anyone.
The main setting is Batalla Hall because that is were June used to work and were they captured Day. This is were most of the book happened. Other places are Day's home, the hospital, June's apartment, Lake sector, a old train car, Vegas and the execution yard
The point of view is fist person for June and Day. In every other chapter it is from June or Day. In each chapter they are telling it from how day is feeling or how June is feeling. In part of the book it says that June thinks that what people are doing is wrong. It also says what people say but not what they are thinking. Day always thinks into dreams and about what is happening.

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The mood of my novel is daring. It is daring because it has fighting and they are mysterious. People are trying to show they are the best and can not be defeated. Many people are not who you would have thought they were.
The tone is mysterious. The way the author wrote it you don't know what is going to happen next. It leaves you in suspense sometimes.
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