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Freedom of Information Act

No description

Roop Bachada

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Freedom of Information Act

What is it?
The Freedom of information Act 2000 grants public access to information held by public authorities.
It manages to do this in two ways:
1. Different authorisations have to publish different certain information about their different activities.
2. The public can retrieve this information from the different authorisations.
These different authorisations include:
Central Government
Local authorities
State schools
Hospitals, doctors and dentists
The Police Force
Advantages and Disadvanages
Citizens of the country are kept up to date and anything the the government does is put up for everyone to see.

Due to the 'Freedom of Information', certain files may be released and this may cause problems. However this may teach government officials how to communicate properly and effectively.

Overall, the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages.
Civil / Criminal
The first point of the Freedom of Information Act is a Civil Offense, because companies are expected to give out legitimate information, but are not bound by the law. The Government cannot fine you for giving out the wrong information, but expects you to fix it as soon as possible. The second offense is a criminal offense as you can be charged for giving companies false information about yourself or your own company.
Why was it introduced?
It was a manifesto commitment of the
labour party of the 1997 general
election, developed later as a white paper
and then later came into force in 1 January
2005. Before this there was no right of
access to government by the general public,
but this managed to solve that problem.
Freedom of Information Act
How it affects us...
'How does the Freedom of Information Act benefit citizens of the United Kingdom?'
By Roop the Street Fighter, EeeFam, B3N C4 and xXxAsh2oo1xXx - Computing
'How does the Freedom of Information Act benefit citizens of the United Kingdom?'
The Freedom of Information act affects us in many ways. It allows us to get information when we deserve information however it also stops people hiding different secrets as it give people a right see files when they need. So it can help us out but it may also be out downfall.
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