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Australian Demographics and Population Since 1945

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Ray Sun

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Australian Demographics and Population Since 1945

By Raymond Sun
Adrian Novak
Wilson Deng
Kevin Gao Australia's Population/Demographics from 1945 to now 1945-1962 ----1962 to1979----
Bring Out a Briton
and Multiculturalism "Populate or Perish"
Assisted Migration Scheme

The conclusion of WW2 left 10 million displaced persons
12,000 Baltic migrants/annually by Arthur Calwell ~1979-1996~
The Indo Chinese Era 1996-now Australian Bureau of Statistics: Migration Programs (1996-2012) Immigrant Arrivals into Australia (1996-2011) Australian Bureau of Statistics: Fact Sheet 2- Key Facts about Immigration Increase in Immigrants:
Immigration was seen to be closely tied with economic growth
Employment opportunities
Refugees Decrease in Immigrants:
Global Financial Crisis (2008)
Restrictions on refugees Due to globalization, Immigration has become more temporary and circular in nature. Focusing more on East Asian tourists and immigrants for economical purposes MULTICULTURALISM Australian Bureau of Statistics: Fact Sheet 2- Key Facts about Immigration Extremely culturally diverse country- 45% born overseas Beginnings of Multiculturalism
Dismantling of the White Australia Policy
Bring Out a Briton campaign Vietnam Communist Regime forced many to flee beginning the era of Indo-Chinese Refugees Australian Bureau of Statistics Introduction of 'Boat People' Large number of displaced people,
British migrants and refugees where arriving Countries stabilized, economy held firmly.
There was no longer the need for large migration Number of European settlers increased but the slowing of the economy and the less need for workers caused the decline in most other migrants Multiculturalism Policy Assisted Migration Scheme
(1945-1949) Due to series of events many immigrants came from Asian countries The increase of Asian immigrants caused stirs in politics Escape from Post-War Britain
Quota of 1% not reached eventually 'Displaced Persons' Era
and Onwards Note: Based of % of population "Opening Australia" Migration 1980-1997 1947-1954: 170,000 Increase in:


Change in Policies:

Colombo Plan
Migration Act (1958)
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