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Bucketworks Overview

No description

James Carlson

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Bucketworks Overview

The Space
The Community
Local Small Businesses
Local Organizations
BarCamp Milwaukee
Theatre Unconference
Web414 Meetup
PHPUG Meetup
RubyMKE Meetup
DC414 Meetup
Winter Farmer Market
Startup Accelerator
Start Anything Meetup
Our mission is to provide an inspiring environment for bright minds to explore ideas in entrepreneurship, technology, leadership, and creativity, develop talents, and connect to a community of like-minded people.
Financial Information
Why sponsor?
Bucketworks invites members of the Milwaukee community--people focused on making businesses, technology, and creative ideas and solutions.
Website Logo Placement
Print Logo Placement (Notifications & Ads)
3x6 Banner Logo Placement (Tradeshows & Events)
3 company signs in Community Space at Bucketworks
Community Space Table Placecards
Disposable Beverage Cup Logo Placement
2 Recruiting Events
100 Memberships
4 off-site meetings
Website Logo Placement
Print Logo Placement (Notifications & Ads)
3x6 Banner Logo Placement (Tradeshows & Events)
1 company sign in Community Space at Bucketworks
1 Recrutiing Events
50 memberships
2 off-sites/meetings
Corporations and teams struggle to recruit, engage, and retain top talent. Sponsorship gives corporations and teams an opportunity to embed their talent in the epicenter of Milwaukee's technical, entrepreneurial, and creative hub, increasing engagement and exposure.
Bucketworks offers high school students membership. Students will be offered a reduced rate for participation, and will have to maintain a certain grade point average in order to participate.

2 Teacher references (From Math, Science or Art)
Meet review board for membership acceptance.
Grade improvement incentive
Discount for annual prepayment
1 hour a week
Bucketworks will offer college students membership. Students will be offered a reduced rate for participation, and will have to contribute to the community by showing their work and contributions on regular intervals.

1 reference (from Science or Math Professor)
Meet review board for membership acceptance.
Organizational add-on (partner with orgs, get CLUAs)

Show and tell once per quarter
Individual adults can join Bucketworks and use it as their workspace and community hub. Potential members can include entrepreneurs, developers, creative makers, hardware/software designers, visual and code, and everything in between.

Standard background check
Geekdom will encourage local and national technology, entrepreneurship, and business experts to join as Master Mentors, offering free membership benefits in exchange for active participation and engagement in the educational and mentoring activities of the community.

These individuals will be invited to join Geekdom specifically based on their experience, achievements, and reputation.
Master Mentor
Startup Team
Startups who have been in business less than 1 year with 5 or fewer employees can join Bucketworks to launch and work together within the facility, take classes and participate in events.

Meet review board for membership acceptance.
Must Have LLC and bank account

1 hour per week/per person to show progress on work
Established Team
Community groups such as the Python User Group or Ruby Group can use Bucketworks as their home base, scheduling regular meetups and events, classes and programming of their own within Bucketworks.

Group must have regular meetings 1x / month
Group must have more than 10 members

Use of meetup space 1x / mo
Listing on Bucketworks website
Event calendar
Community Groups
Bucketworks hosts a regular and varied event calendar, offering events, classes, and activities to its members and the broader community.
Community groups focused on a particular subject (PHP, Ruby, Animation) who meet on a regular monthly basis.
Bucketworks will fill the gaps in traditional high school education, offering a unique opportunity for students to engage in a tech and entrepreneurial community.
Startup teams and businesses will use Bucketworks, its resources, and its community to develop their model, find talent, and get started.
Individuals (14-up) from the Milwaukee community can join Bucketworks to work on their projects, their business, and their ideas.
Bucketworks will welcome local small to medium sized businesses, who will use it for team building, off-sites, and an employee benefit.
Non-profits, community associations, educational organizations and local government will use Bucketworks to collaborate on the city's health and future.
Local colleges and universities will encourage students to participate in Bucketworks as members, exposing them to mentoring opportunities.
Milwaukee is a city celebrated for its story, with a culture that nurtures its entrepreneurial, technical, creative and artistic talent. Local private businesses and public organizations collaborate to build a community respected worldwide for the health and happiness of its members.
Bucketworks members and the wider community create and offer classes and programming in many dimensions encompassing the basics through advanced.
Hackers gather to create businesses and solutions to real world problems.
Social event where members work on their projects in a party atmosphere.
Bucketworks consists of a range of environments for individual and group work, large gatherings and events, messy and loud power tool operation, and quiet and focused meetings and work sessions.
Bucketworks floor plan 2009
Business Basics
SEO, Paid Search, Print, Radio & Television, Social Media
Speed Incorporation
In addition to sponsoring Bucketworks, area businesses and corporations can join as members. Their membership rate is based on the size of their organization, costing $25/month per employee. Each employee will in turn have limited access to participate in Bucketworks events, classes, and programming, and use the facilities for their own projects.

Engage employees with benefit
Use of space on reservation basis
The Bucketworks membership model allows for individuals, groups, and corporations to join and participate in programming, classes, events, and the use of the physical space.
Local businesses which are established--operating for more than one year, and with existing customers and markets--can co-locate at Bucketworks, helping anchor the space financially and provide a mentoring resource for other groups.

In business for 2 years, existing customers
Financial review
Bucketworks will grow to $750,000 in 24-36 months
Web Dev Architectures
Open Source Projects
Project Management
Group Dynamics
Team Development
Servant Leadership
Organzational Democracy
Transparency in Practice
Adobe CS
Basics of Design
Print vs Web Production
File Formats
Animation for the Web
Film, Video
Hot desk
Standard background check

Shared use of space / hot desks
2 hours / mo conf room use
My Desk
Standard background check

Personal desk not shared
6 hours / mo conf room use
Standard background check

Personal desk
Unlimited conference room use
Mail service
Website Logo Placement
10 memberships
1 off-site/meeting at Geekdom
Gallery Exhibitions
Selling Artwork
Sustainable Artist
Carnival Performance
Theatre and acting
Auditions 101
Second floor
Room specifications
The Gallery is exactly what sounds like. It's a large space (1365 sq feet) with plenty of walls for art exhibits, (usually held by Artworks) but it's the perfect size for a meetup, luncheon, seminar, audition or rehearsal space. The Gallery is frequently used for auditions and rehearsals by the various theatre groups that call Bucketworks home. It is equipped with tables, a projector, and plenty of chairs.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Meetup space is the premier home of Milwaukee's Meetups! You can reserve a night of the month for your own meetup or attend one of the many frequent meetups that occur every single week. The Meetup space is also home to the Brew City Church, which holds a service right in Bucketworks every Sunday morning at 10am. The meetup can easily seat 75 and has projector capabilities.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Commons is the entrance area to Bucketworks. It is a huge room with plenty of space for your meetup, presentation, or social gathering.
The Commons contains the Front Office, the Ready Room, The Safe, the Closet and entrances to the Meetup Space, Workshop, Restrooms and Coat Room.
It features:
A screen for projecting
tables and chairs
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Workshop is a fully functional craft room with plenty of tools, art supplies, and space to express whatever's on your mind.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Bucketworks Garage is HUGE. It's a private, safe, and well lit, parking area with a Garage door and locks. We can easily fit 20 cars, and you can reserve a spot of your own for only $75/month.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Co-Working Loft is a large area that houses a number of small workspaces and two small conference rooms for privacy, The Co-Working Loft attaches to the Co-Working Space, The Boardroom, and the Shed.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
Bucketworks' Kitchen is a large dining area with a microwave, coffee, fridge, and all sorts of utensils. It's frequently used as a cafeteria for our various events and has plenty of room to prepare a meal for dozens of people.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Co-Working space is the primary place for independant renters. It's a great open space to get focused and get a few hours of work done in a social environment. You can rent a desk by the month or just use a hot desk for a smaller fee.
The Co Working Space contains the offices of many different organizations including Beepods, the Great Lakes Constructivist Consortium and more along with the Fishbowl.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Board Room is Bucketworks' largest conference room. With a giant screen, projector, and a large table with seating for 25 or more, the Board Room is ideal for any large meeting or assembly.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Deck is Bucketworks' open air lounge/dining area. Located outside of the the kitchen, the deck is a great place to have a chat, eat some lunch, or just get some fresh air. Beepods is currently building an outdoor beehive for education purposes.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Wiki Workshop is the largest space in Bucketworks and accordingly is mostly used as a creative workspace. It has plenty of room to build or fabricate whatever you're dreaming. The Wiki Workshop currently houses beepods.com, Angry Young Men Puppet Theatre and the Illuminati, but there's plenty of room for you and your organization.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Shed is a small private conference room on Bucketworks' second floor. It has webcam and conference capabilities and is a great match for any small meeting, teleconference or work session.
Here You Can:
Room specifications
The Fishbowl is a small glass conference room on Bucketworks' second floor. Located in the middle of the Co-Working Space, The Fishbowl has webcam and conference capabilities and comfortable seating for 7. It is a great match for any small meeting, teleconference or work session.
Here You Can:
23.09W X 60.48L - 1396 sq ft
48.81W X 61.56L - 3004 sq feet
47.9W X 137.02L - 3004 sq ft
22.08W X 61.8L - 1365 sq ft
26.5W X 20.37W - 539.8 sq ft
1819 sq feet
21.87W X 62.02 L - 1356 sq feet
24W X 36L - 864 sq feet
12.07W X 13.36L - 158.1 sq feet
29.89W X 27.15L 161.3 sq feet
15.8W X 11.19L - 176.8 sq feet
47.99W X 68.56L - 3290 sq feet
20 amps
Box 2
Fuse 10
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