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Steal This Query (Public Insight Network Webinar 8/28/12)

A discussion about the best surveys sent by PIN newsrooms. Sharing to let the community steal them.

Michael Caputo

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Steal This Query (Public Insight Network Webinar 8/28/12)


  A time to steal: Ones that need slight modification
Ones that draw in new sources
Ones that power great storytelling.

IF THEY DO IT ALL … GREAT Queries worth using in your newsroom What makes a query worth stealing? First up: Six words... Legend has it that someone bet "Papa" Hemingway he couldn't write a short story in six words. He took that bet... In the Internet age, Smith (an online magazine) has made six words a storytelling mode Paul Tosto at Minnesota Public Radio used "six words" for an economy query Then he used "six words" for other subjects... Lee Hill of Colorado Public Radio used words in another way. He asked for people to talk about the "words that speak" to them.
It got a load of responses. Aiming to attract new PIN sources Rebecca Blatt of WAMU used the local baseball team as a way to bring new people into the PIN (you could do the same). Make sure you have fun with it... Aiming to attract new PIN sources Deb Acosta of the Miami Herald asked people to wax poetic about their block. Another great way to pull new folks in. They did use cash prizes. You don't have to. It worked well to grab new sources... and get new story angles. Steal those election queries Here is a query used by Miami to get behind why people are supporting candidates. Won't take much to make it work for the general election. Steal those issue-based queries Oregon Public Broadcasting's Amanda Peacher made education cuts a focal point. Anyone could use this... Linda Lockhart of the Beacon sought real stories around health care reform. The question: Do you understand it? Solid stories about the impact of same sex partnership rules came from Carolyn Adolph's query at KUOW in Seattle Steal those election queries Jeff Jones at American Public Media took another approach to learn why people made election choices... He used a graphic that visually showed where people "fit" into the idea of the American Dream. He asked folks to find themselves on this graphic... then describe why they put themselves there. An approach that can unearth great stories. Aiming to attract new PIN sources Another way to bring in people - seek those with a special interest. KPCC's Sharon McNary sought insights from those who homeschool. She brought in dozens of new sources. Other newsrooms could do the same. PIN newsroom partners can navigate to Formbuilder's search page and select "PIN Partners" on the project tab. You'll see the surveys begging to be stolen If you want to steal... If you want to steal...
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