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Negotiation x Design @ Medallia

Applying the Designer's Mindset to Unleash your Influence

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Negotiation x Design @ Medallia

Doctors in rural areas of Nepal need
cheaper, better incubators
to treat newborns suffering from hypothermia.
How might we help mothers safely transport newborns suffering from hypothermia to the nearest hospital?
Working in pairs:

1. Read the information provided in the handout.

2. Develop an Empathy Map of your boss Jamie, in preparation for your meeting.
Leticia Britos Cavagnaro
David W. Johnson
(Law School)
Negotiation By Design
Applying the Designer’s Mindset to Unleash Your Influence
Ultimatum Game
Design Thinking
Henry Ford: "If I had asked my customers what they wanted..."
"... they would have said
a faster horse
Empathy Map
Empathy Map Exercise
fact here
inference here
hypothesis here
NOT a Negotiation!
Possible Gain of $100, iff:
: No persuasion, side deals or contingencies – just offer one number;
: Likewise, just “accept” or “reject.”

Ultimatum Game
Fairness/Rational Actor

You are Allison, a programming manager with a software company
, heading a five-person team. There are six other (male) programming managers in your division, each has his own team. All of you are direct reports to
Jamie Jackson, VP of Programming
, who hired you.
Over protest from the others, Jamie gave you the Casino project.
Jamie has not given you one word of encouragement.
Jamie seems intent on actively avoiding you.
Jamie feels guilty about having given you the project in spite of norms about shared ownership of ideas
Jamie feels pressured by the negative opinions of other managers
Jamie wonders if she made the right decision in giving you the project
Jamie wants to preserve harmony among managers at all costs
leticia@dschool.stanford.edu :: david.johnson@law.stanford.edu
In what situations in your professional world might you apply these mindsets and methods?
:: Mindsets
Ultimatum Game
: how much were you offered?
Go to this url on your phone:
: How much did you offer?
: how much were you offered?
: Which player has more power in this situation?
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