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A presentation showing how Bury+Partners (a Texas based civil engineering firm) uses SITEOPS to benefit their clients.

Chris Crim

on 11 January 2012

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Transcript of Bury|SITEOPS

About SITEOPS SITEOPS® is a revolutionary tool that changes how the development process occurs. The system is designed to create conceptual site designs while taking construction cost into consideration. SITEOPS® provides the ability to quickly generate site plans, grading plans, storm water drainage systems, and create rough cost estimates for an entire project. SITEOPS® gives developers and civil engineers the ability to produce and compare multiple options within hours instead of months. Companies Benefiting from SITEOPS SITEOPS® is being utilized by a growing number of commercial retail companies including: Bury+Partners is one of the few firms in Texas who is certified and licensed in SITEOPS®. Our commitment to serve our clients keeps us on the cutting edge of new technologies that will reduce construction cost and increase efficiently. Target Corporation Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Regency Centers Corporation The Bury|SITEOPS Advantage Multiple site plans can be produced quickly to determine the best site layout and cheapest construction cost for a new project. SITEOPS® estimates that their program can save an average of $15,000 per acre in construction cost. That’s approximately $450,000 for a 30 acres site. The Bury|SITEOPS Advantage SITEOPS® automatically generates parking fields, drives, and landscaping islands based on over 250 parameters. SITEOPS® allows Bury+Partners to create quick site plans within hours opposed to days as compared to using traditional drafting programs. Bury+Partners will be able to show the implications of site plan changes in “real time” to our clients allowing for a quicker site plan consensus and allows our client to dictate exactly their thoughts on a project. SITEOPS|Site Layouts SITEOPS® can generate rough grading plans within minutes. This allows Bury+Partners to explore the “What if” scenarios of a site. Now we can see the impacts of shifting buildings, changing maximum slopes, detention pond locations, etc. all within a few hours opposed to days. The Bury|SITEOPS Advantage Bury+Partners can provide rough cost estimate reports for our clients showing a break down of projected construction quantities and cost. Allows Bury+Partners to quickly identify problems in grading at the beginning of the project. Key Features of SITEOPS Identify Tree save areas Create multiple buildings with associated parking Designate detention pond areas Automatically generate preliminary storm sewer design Identify rock depth, no grade areas, unsuitable soils, grading constraints Import site/grading plan for final site work cost estimates. SITEOPS|Site Grading Site Cost Options Report SITEOPS Integrated with Other Tools SITEOPS® can create quick 3D proposed surfaces that can be imported in Civil3D® where pipe networks and 3D buildings can be incorporated. These features can be used to create a 3D model of the site that can be used in Google Earth Pro®. The 3D models will allow our clients to have a visual image of the site in comparison to the surrounding areas. See how the building looks from the street. See how the building looks from neighboring areas including residences. Get an idea of what it would be like to be on-site after construction. 3D Modeling
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