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Federal Security Agency (FSA)

No description

riley pirkl

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Federal Security Agency (FSA)

When Was the Program Created?
The FSA was created in 1939.
Why was the program created?
Improve social services, education, health, employment, financial security, and job training.
How long did the program last
Specific projects created
How was the program created?
Created by the Reorganization Act president Roosevelt signed in 1939.
What did the program do?
Increased the amount of National Defense work. Improved k-12 schooling as well as college education.
Federal Security Agency (FSA)
Specific projects created: Migrant farm workers camp Shafter, CA
Specific projects created
Effective or not?
Provided Sanitary housing through labor camps to 300,000 migrants coming to California from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas. These labor camps where located in Shafter, CA. Since there were no longer people in need of housing the in California the project was ended in 1941.
We think that this program was effective because it did what it was intended to do. It improved schooling all over the United states. Made Americans healthier by food and drug testing. The FSA also helped African Americans have a better chance of having better jobs.
Where: Dalworthington Gardens Texas
Bought 593.3 acres to build a community of 80 houses and 43 acre garden with community house
Still in use?
only 10 or less houses still exist there
Where - Ashwood South Carolina
There was a school, gymnasium, and auditorium built for the community of the 'Ashwood Plantation"
It is still standing today
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