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JRR Tolkin Timeline

No description

Timothy Reed

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of JRR Tolkin Timeline

JRR Tolkin Timeline JRR Tolkin was born. 1892 On May 6, 1937, the the German
passenger airship, the Hindenburg,
caught fire and was destroyed. It
was attempting to dock at the
Lakehurst Naval Air Station. Of the
97 people on board, 15 were killed
along with people killed on the
ground. The cause for this daster is
still unknown. The German-Soviet Non-Aggression
Pact, stated that Germany and the
Soviet Union would not attack each
other. If there were ever a problem
between two countries, it was to be
handled reasonably. Also, if Germany
attacked Poland, then the Soviet
Union would not help. The pact was
supposed to last for ten years
although it lasted for less than two. The Start of World War 2. Mabel Tolkien (Mom) died
in 1904. Married Edith Bratt. 1937 1939 Hello 1939 1904 1916
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