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DO NOT EDIT - Century 21 Foothills

No description

Alberta Prezi

on 22 August 2018

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Transcript of DO NOT EDIT - Century 21 Foothills

We Are

45 radio stations across 5 provinces
20 community web portals
7 community apps
We provide a hyper-local focus to rural and small markets
Reach in the Foothills

Marketing Investment

Marketing Funnel
Consistency + Frequency + Message =
Market Share
Consistency - Saying it enough times

Frequency - Saying it regularly enough

Message - Saying the right thing
65,019 people in High River, Okotoks & The MD of Foothills
AM 1140, Sun Country 99.7 & The Eagle 100.9 - The voices of our communities
HighRiverOnline/OkotoksOnline - 240,000+ pages of content viewed monthly
Market Potential

Number of households in High River, Okotoks & The MD of Foothills

Average sale of home
High River:
MD of Foothills:

# of homes New to Market (Past 28 days)
High River:
MD of Foothills:

If we could even add
of listings/month to Century 21 Foothills...
$57,957 in commissions

Advertising Increases Listings & Sales
Stay top of mind before a clients decision to buy or sell
Get those "up in the air" clients

Advertising Can Differentiate You
With hundreds of realtors in the Foothills(and thousands in Calgary), stand out by being experts in your markets

Brand Awareness
Realty has constant move, with new brokerages or realtors every month - The need to stay top of mind

Market Growth

Population in High River, Okotoks & MD of Foothills (2011)

Population in High River, Okotoks & MD of Foothills (2016)

Population Growth by Percentage

Radio Ads
Competitive Advantage
Why Advertise

Digital Ads

Your Competitive Advantage:

Longest serving brokerage in the Foothills
Experience with trends - gives confidence
Largest team of agents in the Foothills
New, hungry agents
Strong Century 21 Brand

AM 1140
3x30 second commercials/day

The Eagle 100.9
3x30 second commercials/day

Leaderboard 2 Homepage
Leaderboard 2 Newspage

Leaderboard 2 Homepage
Leaderboard 2 Newspage
Marketing Plan
Market Share
A Sound Partnership!

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