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Miley Cyrus

No description

kaj cjs

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Miley Cyrus

- November 23, 1992 Destiny Hope Cyrus was born to Billy Ray Cyrus
- Smiley to Miley
- 2005 lead role in Hannah Montana with her dad.
- April 2008 !5-year-old posed nude.

-August 2013 she twerked on Robin Thicke at MTV VMA's.
- 4 albums
- Many movies ( Last Song)
- Role model with cute clothes to young adult with scandolous outfits.
Timeline/Background Continued
Drew Barrymore
- Stage manner
- Engaging audience in the wrong way
- Peer influence to drugs
- Costumes are over revealing.
- Nude modeling
- Parental limits
- Songs
Present Miley
Before & After
- Sat on stage with beautiful clothes
- Twerks with scandalous outfits
- Great role model
- Mature
-Changes happen
- Downfall
- Drew Barrymore rehab
- Parents and kids
In the end....
Thanks For Watching.
Hannah Montana
Miley Cyrus
-outfit/hair changes
- lead role
- 2006-2011
- girls looked up to Miley's fashion choices because they were cute and appropriate
- pop star hiding identity
- Miley following Drew's life
- Suicide
- Fans believe in old Miley
- Forgetting rehab like Drew.
- Rehab helped Drew
- Rehab could also help Miley
- Role model
- Teenager smoked pot and did bad things
- Miley hit downfall like drew when a teen

Role model or not?
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