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MBA 861 Exam

The Long Tail

Chris O'Brien

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of MBA 861 Exam

The Long Tail Expedia.com generates revenue by booking trips through its online website Although Expedia certainly books a large number of trips to high profile locations such as New York.. ..Expedia gains revenue on trips to less well known locations such as Billings, Montana http://www.adobe.com/ Click the link to proceed to Adobe's website and full listing of products My first experience using Expedia.com was to plan a trip to Las Vegas Since that first trip, I have used Expedia.com for trips to
New York City
New Orleans
San Diego
Omaha Quill.com is an online office supply source that promotes low prices and fast service to gain business.. but, one major strength is Quill's ability to carry the enormous selection of products in their distribution centers that a normal retail location will not have space for. For instance, I had trouble locating a certain ink cartridge for point of sale receipt printers. I found the cartridges through Quill and as a result, they gained not only the ink cartridge business but other business from me as well. In this case, the long tail actually gained business for the head as Quill also sold me more popular items such as:
File folers Another company that leverages the long tail in a different way is Adobe Systems Adobe gives away the highly popular Adobe Reader which allows users to view files in a PDF format, but really wants to sell those users Adobe Acrobat to create and moodify PDF files, as well as leveraging Adobe's name to sell other profitable products.. Including:
Flash Builder
Cold Fusion
Design Premium
& many more!
Click link to view differences between Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/reader.html http://www.quill.com/ Click link to proceed to Quill.com We will look at the following three companies that leverage the long tail for the benefit of their owners and employees as well as their customers
Adobe Systems The long tail is the selling of a larger variety of items, typically in smaller quantities. Companies competing in different industries utilize the long tail in a variety of ways. As we can see, Expedia.com, Quill.com and Adobe all utilize a long tail even if in slightly different ways. Expedia.com promotes trips to high destination locations like New York City, but can offer trips to countless other less popular locales. Quill.com offers a larger variety of products than a normal retail location And, Adobe Systems gives away one very popular service with the hope that some users will purchase more advanced software because each time I contact Quill, I order more than just ink cartridges The internet has radically changed the way business is conducted and provided businesses in many different industries the opportunity to better serve customers by utilizing the long tail principle. Play video for information on Adobe Reader Click link to proceed to expedia.com and book a well deserved vacation! http://www.expedia.com/
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