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Elizabeth Harris

on 28 November 2015

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china's land mass is 9.597 million km2 and has a dry/wet climate, china is also coastal instead of being landlocked.
china's population is 1 376 532, their population compared to the world's is 80%. their population density is 145 people per km2. china's population growth rate is 0.46%. their life expectancy is estimated to be 75.20 years and the percentage of population with access to safe drinking water is only 65%. china's
major exports is $2.25 trillion and their major imports
is $1.962 trillion. china faces challenges today such
as pollution, toxic waterways, human rights, soil
erosion and coal addicion.

world poverty
malawi's land mass is 94, 080 km2 and has a sub-tropical climate. malawi is landlocked and has a population of 17 645 422. the percentage compared to the world's population is 0.25% , the population growth rate is 2.8% and the population density is 145.7 per km2.
madagascar's land mass is 557,040-km2. The weather is October to May is dry and cold yet April to November is colder with hot,Rainy mornings. The climate in October to May is dry and cold yet April to November is colder with hot, Rainy mornings. The population in Madagascar is 22.92 million and the growth rate is 2.8%. The G.D.P growth rate of Madagascar is 1% and the imports for Madagascar is $3.34 billion. The exports for Madagascar is $2.21 billion.
what similarities and differences do you see between the 3 countries?
what challenges do these developing countries face today and in the future?




the differences between the 3 countries are that madagascar and china's climate is similar with a
dry/wet climate. malawi and madagascar's
growth rate are the same with 2.8%.
the differences with the 3 countries
are the life expecrtancy, population,
land mass and
the percentage of world's population.
challenges china faces today and would in the future is the pollution, human rights-people in china don't have as many human rights as australia, toxic waterways, soil erosion, coal addiction and many more.
malawi faces challenges today such as: the lack of critical resourses, limited education and opportunities, deforestation and water pollution which endangers fish.
challenges madagascar face today and in the future is that 11.7 million people in madagascar don't have access to safe drinking water, the erosion and deforestation.
what indivisual or collective action could be taken to respond to the challenges facing developing countries today and in the future?
indivisual actions that you could do would be arranging events, getting politicial, create a website that people can donate, donating and fundraising. collective action that is taken to help icludes: the goverment, doctors abroad, the red cross, caritas australia, agencY AND Connecticut Association for Human Services.
hi people

hi can you see me?
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