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Middle Kingdom Egypt

Mr.Becker's Class

Breanne Witt

on 2 September 2011

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Transcript of Middle Kingdom Egypt

Middle Kingdom Egypt Nile is the most important, described as a "gift" because Egypt is no more than a barren wasteland with out it. Geography The Nile has yearly floodings that deposit silt and water that help with agriculture. The early goverment developed an irragation system. Two major regions, Upper Egypt in the south, and lower Egypt in the north. In 3100BC Menes of Upper Egypt united the two regions. Because of the power strugles, crop failures, and cost of building pyramids, the Old Kingdom fell. Then new pharaohs united the land. Starting the Middle Kingdom. During the Middle Kingdom the Nile didn't rise as regularly as it use to. During this time corruption and rebellions were common. Strong rulers organized large drainage projects, creating vast new stretches of farmable land. http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1990.59.1 World History Text Book This is a cosmetics jar, (make up) that shows the cat as a skilled hunter, rather than elegant like in the later designs. This a model of a granary, that was found in a hidden chamber in the tomb of Meketre. It shows the models weaving, production of food, and carpentry. This Hippopotamus is a suppose to show the Egyptians love for nature. The hippo was a huge beast, and a real threat to small fishing boats. Three of the legs, as you can see, were broken off, because they were not only a threat in this life but also in the next. The designs painted on the side of the hippo, is just showing the vegetation around the river bank where it lived. http://www.oppapers.com/essays/Achievements-Weaknesses-Middle-Kingdom-Its-Downfall/157859 Down Fall 2000 B.C. to 1780 B.C. ACHIEVEMENTS Opened a trade route with other countries
Improved agriculture systems
Expanded and fortified Egypts borders
Explored arts and literature
Increaced mining for better trade in foriegn countries
Pyramids (which now just look like heaps of dirt and sand in the middle of the desert) http://www.third-millennium-library.com/readinghall/UniversalHistory/THE_OLD_WORLD/EGYPT/Breadstead/HISTORY_11.html With the number of "sojourners" becoming so large, there were communities of non-Egyptian that were governed by foreign kings. This lessend the power of the Pharoh. With the fall of the pharaoh Egypt fell back into dissorder. Agriculture was not only for the food for the country, but also for the trade Sources:
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