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No description

Bruce Rodriguez

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Candor

Oscar Banks- Oscar is the main character in the novel. He is the only one who can block out the messages, he does this by creating music with his own messages.
Campbell Banks- Oscar's father, Campbell started Candor and created the messages. His wife left him and his other son is dead from a diving accident, Campbell, may be insane.
Nia- The new girl who moved into the neighborhood, Nia doesn't exactly fit in with the Candor children because she has not been exposed to the messages. A rombuxous rebel teen, she makes a friend in Oscar.
Sherman- One of Oscar's clients, Sherman appears throughout the story with a progressively more important role. He pays Oscar in exchange for safety from the messages.
I rate the book 3.5/5 because it's interesting but it's kind of slow and dull.I also really dislike Oscar because he's really annoying and selfish. I would recommend this book to Hunger Games fans.

By: Pam Bachorz
Grew up near the Adirondack mountains in Vermont
Went to college in Boston, finishing with 4 degrees
Wrote 2 books, Candor and Drought. Both drew inspiration from previous locations she lived in. Candor in Florida, and Drought in the woods near her home
Currently lives in Washington D.C
Not currently working or writing
Pam Bachorz
Oscar lives in Candor Florida. He lives with his his father who is the founder of the town.
Oscar's father, Campbell, plays music throughout the town that have subliminal "messages" that play into your subconscious, these messages are a type of brainwashing.
Oscar has created his own music with his own messages that allow him to ignore his father's but Campbell does not know this.
Oscar tells the children of the families about the messages (those who can pay) and gives them his music so they won't change.
One day the new girl shows up, Nia, and Oscar is instantly smitten by her. She's skateboarding on the sidewalk and holding a paint can, Oscar takes it from her and starts to graffiti.
The next day Oscar looks for Nia at school to make sure the messages don't make her tell anyone or else Oscar will be in trouble.
He ask Nia to meet him where he works on Saturday.
When Saturday comes,his dad asks him what he knows about the graffiti. Then Oscar goes to work and waits for Nia. Sherman,one of Oscar's clients, comes while he's working. Oscar is doing his best to get rid of him but it doesn't work.
The next day, Oscar meets Nia in the park and she's drawing which is not allowed.He's trying to help her but she keeps drawing, she's loosing her creativity little by little like every candor kid.Mandi comes and interrupts everything, before he leaves Oscar gives a bunch of CDs to Nia to help her.
After that Nia and Oscar start spending a lot more time together. Oscar eventurlly leaves Mandi, his girlfriend for Nia.
Nia meets Sherman and learns of the Messages and becomes suspcious of whether her feelings for Oscar are genuine. They start fighting and the Messages begin to take over, they both start forgetting who they were.
Oscar decides that Candor is now to dangerous and runs away with Nia, however he must sacrifice himself so that Nia can escape. Oscar is taken to the "listening room" where he is brainwashed and forgets everthing.
I liked the book it had good plot and events but I was very sad with the way it ended. I wouldn't recommend the book.And I probably won't read it again I would give it 3 stars.
I thought the book could have been better. It had a good plot but lacked in character depth and over all story telling. I'd give the book 3/5 stars. I recommend it to people who like twist endings and suspenseful romance.
" 'How do I know I love you?' Nia said.
'That part's real. No Messages. I never made you love me.' I reach out for her. 'I'm not Sherman.'
She steps away. 'You're lying.'
I gave you the real me,
I want to say.
And you loved me.
'I was only trying to help you.' "
Candor was not especially entertaining, it was slow, dull, and had many awkward and odd scenes. Although the idea is interesting, it is not conveyed in a well manner. I give it a 2/5 stars. I recommend this book to people who are fans of romantic stories.
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