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The Taste of Melon

No description

Shani Polito

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of The Taste of Melon

The Taste of Melon
by Borden Deal

The author and the setting

Borden Deal
The Setting of the story
The setting take place in the farm of Southern United States. It happens in a long time ago and the whole story about the water melon. The atmosphere seems like peaceful and tranquil.
Interesting & new words and phrase
New words:
malicious = malevolent, spiteful
swivet = nervous excitement, haste, anxiety
judiciously = wise, sensible, well-advise
rumor = gossip, hearsay
at last brought a welcome darkness into the world
a ritual of defiance and rebellion by young males
the moon floated up into the sky and made everything almost as bright as day
He was a famous American novelist and short story writer. He was born on October 12, 1922 and died on January 22, 1985. "Exodus" is his first successed in short story. In 1946, he recieved the Bachelor of Arts degree'. His famous pieces cointain: Walk through the Valley, Dunbar's Cove, Killer in the House, A Long Way to Go, The Winner. All of this pieces were translated into 20 languages for people all around the world who want to enjoy. Deal was died because of heart attack.

On a farm of a village in Southern United State
The protagonist is 16 and he has 2 friends are Freddy Gray and J.D
He like Willadean – Mr. Wills’ daughter
Almost the farmers plant water melon to sustenance

Rising action
Mr. Wills is good at plating so he always has a biggest watermelon in the village
He will very angry if somebody walks close to his watermelon patch
The protagonist and his friends go for swim on the full moon
They dare him to go steal Mr. Wills’ watermelon
The protagonist decides to go to steal the watermelon to prove himself to Mr. Wills and Willadean
Mr. Wills cannot even catch him under the full moon
He realize the watermelon was stolen
He is very angry and destroys the rest of the watermelons

Rising action
The protagonist is really scared
Mr. Wills explains why he is angry: Mrs. Wills likes it and he uses it to repair for the next harvest
The protagonist collects all the seeds from the watermelon that he stole
He comes to Mr. Wills’ house and apologizes his fault

Mr. Wills accepts the protagonist’s apology
The protagonist promise to help Mr. Wills the next harvest
Willadean smiles to the protagonist and he feels very happy

Overview of the story

Thesis of the author
Literary devices
Mr. Wills does not let anybody walks close to his watermelon patch. If they against, he says he will use gun to shoot them
The protagonist steal Mr. Wills' watermelon
The protagonist realize his fault and apologize Mr. Wills
Mr. Wills accept the protagonist's apology
Narrative perspective
: first point of view
Family love
The growth of a human
Respectfulness other people
in the pass - old
Analysis of the protagonist
He is a 16 years old boy. However, at 16 years old, every boys has a little bit change about their mental. They want to prove that they are strong, brave, not afraid of everything as a perfect person. As this protagonist, until he grows up, he still does not know why he decided to steal Mr. Wills' watermelon. In fact, he just want to prove himself to the girl that he likes -Willadean, and also want to prove that he can break the rule of Mr. Wills, he dares Mr. Wills shoot him by his gun because he thinks that Mr. Wills is brave enough to kill a person. Besides that, he like the feeling when his friends admire and consider him as a leader. In the end of the story, after everything happen, the main character change totally, he becomes as a real men. Now, he is brave properly, he can face to the mistakes that he has caused and find the way to fix that.
Analysis of the antagonist
The main antagonist in this story is Mr. Wills. He is a cold man but he really loves his family. In order to protect the watermelon patch, he does not care about the neighbors around him. Therefore, this is the basic ground to highlight the character of the antagonist. He creates a challenges so the antagonist will try to pass it anyway. And in the end of the story, based on the anger and the forgiveness of him, the antagonist can realize his mistake and grown up by being grave to tell the truth and accept his mistake. Now, he knows how to face with the problem in his live and find the to fix his fault
Main character
He is 16 years old. at the beginning, he is a shy, giddy as a kid. In the end, he grows up and become a real man, brave person.
First antagonist
(Mr. Wills)
He is a big man. he's also very fierce person but he really loves his family.
Second antagonist
She is Mr. Wills' daughter and she is very beautiful. The main character really her
Third antagonist
(Freddy Gray and J.D)
They're friends of the main character. They are one of the reasons why the main character steal the watermelon.
N, T
N: neighbor
T: thief
L: like
F: friend
Why did he steal the melon?
He want to prove himself to Mr. Wills, Milledean, and his friends. Because he is too young and does not have any experience life. He just know to enjoy the success at the moment but he does not figure the huge bad consequence in the end. He take his life to trade to the happiness at the present and do not think he might be died.
What is the conflict in the story?
Human vs. Himself/Herself (the main character with himself)
After stealing the watermelon and witnessing the anger of Mr. Wills, the main character is really scared. He confuses that should he tell the truth to Mr. Wills or not? If he tells him, Mr. Wills might use his gun to shoot in to his head. However, the sufferings of Mr. Wills are tormenting him. He realizes that he destroyed Mr. Wills' watermelon patch and his family also. If he does not keep quiet and proves that he is innocent, his heart seem to be died already.
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