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Coca Cola Company

No description

Kayley Fox

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Coca Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company
The Problem
America is now facing an shift into healthy foods and non consumption of unhealthy additives

Due to this, many people are shifting to healthy, organic beverages and shying away from pop in general.

Although Coca-Cola Co. has many "healthy" drinks, they do not have a healthy alternative to soda.

The Company
The Products
Coke being their primary seller, Coca-Cola has numerous brands that are just as familiar.
SWOT Analysis
Biggest competitor: Pepsi

Alex Watson, Kayley Fox, Evan Bahler, Kangjing Liu and Ryan Overmyer
The Solution
The Product
Agave Nectar
Pure Water
Cola Nut Flavor
All natural coloring and no added preservatives

Various methods of social media tactics will be our main focus
Coca-Cola Co. operates in more than 200 countries and markets more than 500 brands 3,500 beverage products
Coca-Cola Company is a world renown beverage maker
Dr. John S Pemberton
The Bottling Company
Purchased exclusive rights to bottle for $1
Needed a special bottle
In 1916, the first contoured bottle was introduced to the public due to competitors imitations of the popular drink.
Target Market B
After five years we plan to broaden our target market and include people who drink soda
Will be higher than standard sodas
Higher price because it means higher quality to most consumers
Will not be put in vending machines or fast food restaurants
Big box stores and higher end restaurants
Packaging Matters
Competitive Advantage:
what it looks like
-Draw in the costumers
-High end & Classy
-Organic look
-Made from recycled products (glass,cap,label)
-Ages 16-35 looking for organic products like this one
-Sleek design, tall cylinder shape
-Thin glass, but durable
-Series of 25 with unique photos to collect
-Organic photos (mountains,lightning, jungles,etc.)
-As they drink, the photo will begin to be revealed
Swot Analysis
Initial demographics
Education is key
Trade shows
Initial Diffusion
Create high demand
Pull factors
Criteria to stock product

Social Media - #OAKE
T.V - Abc, Hgtv, etc.
Word of mouth
Early Advertising Plan
Pepsi is more concerned about the health content of their products.
Both Pepsi and Coke are facing a problem that healthier drinks are demanded in the society.

World's leading beverage brand
Customer loyalty
Large scale of operations
Strong revenue growth
Growing organic market
Growing bottled water market
Increasing demand for health food and beverages
High debt level due to acquisitions
Negative publicity
Most products are considered not "healthy"

Competition from PepsiCo
Changing of consumer preferences
Water scarcity
High competition
People want to have a healthier way of living
Goal to future: creating, healthy delicious alternatives to the traditional soft drink.
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