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McHenry East High School's 4 Year Plan and College/Career Re

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Drew Cooper

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of McHenry East High School's 4 Year Plan and College/Career Re

McHenry East High School's 4 Year Plan and College/Career Readiness
The Need for Rigor
The Need for Rigor
The Current Expectations
Goals of the Presentation
Understanding the need for rigor.
Examining the current expectations of students.
Understanding why increased rigor prepares students for their college/career plans.
Understanding what we have to offer at McHenry High School to prepare students for the next level.
4 Year Plan for College
Career Cluster Alignment
“Completing a rigorous course of study in high school aligned to college and career expectations is one of the strongest predictors of whether students ultimately will succeed in postsecondary coursework and reach their goals, including attaining a degree” (Achieve, 2012, p. 16).

Achieve. (2012). Closing the expectations gap: 50-state progress report on alignment of K-12 policies and practice with the demands of college and careers.
What McHenry High School has to offer...
The 4 Year Plan for College/Career
The choice is not college or careers, with lesser expectations for students who may not opt for a college preparatory course sequence. There should be rigorous expectations for both college and careers, with appropriate supports so that every student can be successful in attaining the school’s expectations for a quality learning experience.
Aligning to Careers and Majors
What is a Career Cluster?
Career Clusters are groups of occupations and industries that have in common a set of foundational knowledge and skills. There are 16 nationally recognized clusters within which are multiple career pathways
These pathways provide a context for exploring career options at all levels of education and a framework for linking learning to the knowledge and skills needed for future education and employment
The career is the end goal!
Rigorous Coursework
Career Alignment
McHenry East High School Provides Pathways for
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