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No description

connor grantham

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Maps

Lyric 1
"I like to think we had it all we drew a map to a better place but on that road I took a fall oh baby why did you run away"
Lyric 2
"I was there for you in your darkest times I was there for you in your darkest nights"
Lyric 3
"But I wonder where were you when I was at my worst"
Lyric 4
"So i'm following the map that leads to you, the map that leads to you, aint nothing I can do following,following,following to you"
ME tube presentation
song: Maps
Written by: Maroon 5
presented by: Connor Grantham

"I hear your voice in my sleep at night, hard to resist temptation, 'cause something strange has come over me, and now I cant get over no, I just cant get over you"
image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
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