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SDD - Edmodo

A presentation of how to use Edmodo to turn your classroom into a community, and to get access to tons of free resources

Jennifer Peyrot

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of SDD - Edmodo

Facebook-like interface
Groups Create an account: Using
your school email,
sign up for an account. Step 1: Signing in & Intro. to Edmodo 1. The SDD Group - check your email
2. This session's group - gehe1a
3. Create a class group Step 2: Create and Join Groups Step 3: Join a Network of Like Educators Put in your email address here
and click subscribe If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: Making Social Networking Part of Your Class
Jennifer Peyrot
E: jpeyrot@lvusd.org Twitter: @JenniferPeyrot Facebook-like interface
Switch to New User
Groups Click on "Switch to the Latest Version"
Click "Update me to the Latest Version" 1. Point your browser to www.edmodo.com
2. Click "I'm a teacher"
3. You have to find your school, or fill in your school information. 4.You DON’T HAVE TO select a community,
instead select “Next.” Notes Polls Assignments Professional development tailored to your needs
Get the 'why didn't I think of that ideas'
Be able to ask teachers in your field for ideas
Contribute to prof. community (sharing is caring)
Seeing how teachers are doing something you may want
Stay up-to-date with current teaching methodologies Why Edmodo? In the classroom This Doc. is found in the folder I shared with the group. Overview of Features A much slower and thorough tutorial is available in my folder titled :Intro to Edmodo Webinar - Most of what you need to know to use Edmodo" Find the Group section, click "Join" type in the corresponding codes, and click "Join." Intro. & Expectations:
1. Who am I?
2. Objectives:
-Gain the know how, and/or resources to roll out Edmodo
with your classroom tomorrow.
-Gain access to high quality free resources that will allow for differentiation and multi-modes of learning
-Practice 21st century learning House Rules: 1. Don't be shy - ask questions
2. Please respect other's
desires to ask questions
3. Feel free to jump ahead, but please ask a neighbor before asking the group Hmm...this could be my first Edmodo assignment. Step 1. Step 2. Step 4: Getting your classroom engaging in content
Allows for students to engage in a format they use regularly
Secure and private (group codes)
Controlled by teacher
Helps for organization of due dates, and ways to turn in HW
Student-centered teaching tool
Differentiation: through extension, extra resources, students can request support
Free lesson plans/activities aligned with Common Core Collaboration/Free Resources Now how would I do this with my students? I'm so glad you asked, you do pretty much
the same thing. Directions for students are uploaded in the group folder, you just need to add in your class group code. AND give them a set of expectations. Follow me... Step 3 Click on Group "Edmodo_SDD 2012"
Go to the folders shared for this group.
Click on "Peyrot_Edmodo"
Click on "List of Edmodo Groups"
Find a group you want to join and
request join group Note: In order not to have to scroll through 368 groups, select Command F and type in a word to look for a specific group. Step 4 Notes
Polls Posts Notes My Comments:
-Notifications Quizzes are great for post computer lab work activities, quick checks for understanding, and at home assignments. You could even give an open-resource test from home or in TLC using this feature. Step 4: Find your group then click the request to join link. Blog - Subscribe blogs.lvusd.org/edtech
Edmodo Help

Folder I created for this group
This group
Web Help Desk Step 5: Identify additional resources for support Introduction to Edmodo webinar 4. Modify your email & messaging settings settings. 1. Change your message view in Zimbra.
-Select any email, click "View," then "By Conversation"
2. Change your notifications by group:
-Select your group, click "Advanced Options," deselect "Send Notifications" Thank you all for coming! I don't want your inbox to look like this either, so read on.
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